People often choose to ride an imported motorbike in the UK, either for their desirability or their generally cheaper costs. Many enthusiasts or collectors will want to import a particular model that’s not available in the UK, regardless of the cost. Or some will choose an import model, which is so affordable it mitigates any import costs. With Carole Nash, we want to make getting motorbike insurance cover for your imported bike as simple as possible, by giving us a call today.

We also want to let you know how motorbike insurance works when it comes to your imported bike, to help you get the policy that’s right for your ride.

Is It Possible To Insure An Imported Bike In The UK?

Yes, getting motorbike insurance for your imported bike in the UK is certainly possible, policyholder’s have 30 days from inception to provide us with the registration.

Having an imported vehicle doesn’t affect the premium if it’s on the Association of British Insurers list. If not, we can speak to our panel of insurers.


How Do I Register My Imported Bike?

You’ll be required to fill out certain documentation from the DVLA when registering an imported bike in the UK: You can find the information need on the DVLAs website –

The requirements for registering an imported bike can change, so it is always worth checking on the DVLAs website to ensure your bike is fully compliant to insure.