Motorbike Insurance is needed to cover you and your bike from various things, such as theft, injury or damage, and it’s required by law. It can also cover damage to other vehicles should you have an accident and crash your bike into them. You can get a quick and easy quote for motorbike insurance with Carole Nash today, by giving us a call.

There are various different types of motorbike insurance out there and each will cover you in multiple ways. Whenever you’re looking for a quote it’s important that you find a policy that suits your needs and understand exactly what type of cover you require.

We’re going to go through a brief overview of the most common types of motorbike insurance, to help you decide which level of cover you need.


First, How Do You Use Your Motorbike?

Before you think about the type of motorbike insurance cover that you need, it’s important to first think about how you actually use your bike as this will affect the level of cover required.

If you ride your bike for social and domestic use, or perhaps for pleasure only, then you’ll only require an insurance policy that covers social use. Similarly, if you use it for commuting to one place of work everyday, you’ll need a slightly different level of cover.

When you use your bike for travelling to more than one place of work, or for deliveries etc, you’ll need to look at insurance that covers business or even courier use. Making sure that you inform an insurer about how exactly you use your bike is essential, otherwise you run the risk of invalidating any policy you take out.


Comprehensive Cover

Of the the three main types of motorcycle insurance, fully comprehensive is the highest level of cover that you can get. With this level of cover, you’ll generally be able to claim should you be involved in an accident, even one that’s deemed your fault.  

Comprehensive motorbike insurance will of course have certain exclusions, which will be outlined in your policy, but it will include cover for any damage to your motorbike, including, accidental damage and any vandalism.

This level of motorcycle insurance also includes third party fire and theft cover, which we’ll look at next.


Third Party Fire And Theft

Third party fire and theft insurance does exactly what it says and covers you for any damage to your bike that occurs as a result of fire, if your bike is stolen, or if it’s damaged in an attempted theft.

You’ll be covered for claims that are made against you when an accident has occurred, but not when the accident is deemed to be your fault, this is the third party element of the policy. Anyone else that was involved in the incident will be able to claim for damage that was your fault.

If your bike was damaged in the accident, this won’t be covered under this level of insurance, and the same applies to any personal injury you sustain.


Third Party Only

This is the minimum level of motorbike insurance cover that is legally required. Again as the name suggests, this type of insurance will cover anyone else involved in an accident and will allow them to claim for any damage caused by you.

You won’t be covered for any personal injury, damage or repairs to your bike, fire damage, or if your bike is stolen.

Any injury to another person, along with any damage or repairs for their vehicles will be included with this type of motorcycle insurance.


Cover For Additional Riders & Pillion Passengers

Adding additional riders to your motorcycle insurance policy is possible, however you must make it clear who the main owner of the bike is, otherwise your policy will become invalid and you may not be able to claim.

When it comes to cover for carrying a pillion passenger, this generally was included with most types of motorbike insurance, however these days it’s mainly an optional extra, so it’s best to check any policy first.  

If you plan on carrying passengers with you on the back of your bike, then pillion cover is necessary, or your motorbike insurance will not be valid.


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