AJS Bike Insurance

From its humble beginnings as a maker of screws, through almost 120 pre-war world record engines, to its established reputation as the finest in British machinery.

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AJS Bike Insurance

An iconic British motorcycle brand, AJS’ range of motorcycles have a pretty strong following. We know just how much these bikes mean to their owners, that’s why we’re proud to provide specialist motorcycle insurance through Carole Nash for your AJS.

Founded back in 1910, AJS has plenty of history, and whether you’re a fan of their scramblers, racers or trial bikes, we can find you a suitable insurance policy.

Insurance policies from Carole Nash come with plenty
of other benefits as standard, so you’ll never find yourself stranded:

  • Unlimited accessory cover
  • Up to as much as 10% off for insurance-approved security
  • Carole Nash Rider cover which could allow you to ride a friend’s bike, as long as you both have comprehensive policies – subject to individual circumstances. 

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