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Other Manufacturers

At Carole Nash, we've been in the motorcycle insurance business for over 30 years. In that time we've arranged cover for more makes and models than we can count, and not just the big names. We're committed to making sure bikers get the value cover they can, no matter what they ride. From AJS to Yamaha and everything in between, Carole Nash can help get you covered.


All motorcycle insurance policies arranged through Carole Nash, whatever the manufacturer of your bike, come with a selection of great benefits as standard – that's why as one of the UK's leading motorcycle insurance specialists1, we can offer you :

  • European cover for up to 90 days
  • UK and European accident breakdown recovery including Homestart (worth over £100)
  • £100,000 worth of legal expenses cover in the event of an accident that isn't your fault
  • 10% off for insurance-approved security2
  • DNA+ Forensic Protection3

You could also benefit from Our New Carole Nash Rider Cover4, allowing you to ride your mate’s bike4, FREE of charge, with total peace of mind -  ring us to find out more!


For more information on individual manufacturers, click the links below:


From its humble beginnings as a maker of screws, through almost 120 pre-war world record engines, to its established reputation as the finest in British machinery. Find out how we can take care of your AJS bike.

Boss Hoss

Few could mistake the sheer size of a Boss Hoss bike for a scooter, but the young company’s remarkable engineering has produced some big machines somehow capable of staying quiet. Find out more about this group here.


Founded in 1971 by trails and scramble master Alan Clews, CCM found early success by designing and producing the sort of engines he would have wanted to race on in his heyday. Find out more about CCM here.


Producing a five-time world championship 125cc engine is just one of the many achievements posted by a company named cheekily for making Derivatives of Bikes. Find out how Derbi progressed to such great heights here.


Harris is the only UK company to have been specially commissioned for their world-renowned contributions to World Superbike and Grand Prix. Find out what a Harris bike can do for you by clicking here.


When you think of quality on two wheels, you wouldn’t necessarily think of Austria – but KTM has been developing cutting-edge bike technology for 80 years. Find out why they might just be the bike makers for you by clicking here.


As the family-owned company responsible for some of the sleekest and sexiest scooters and mopeds of the modern motor era, Malaguti’s proud traditions have endured through its 80-year history. Find out more about Malaguti here.

Moto Guzzi

As pioneers of the Italian motorcycle industry, Moto Guzzi made their name by creating several of the elements which motorbikes would be lost without in the present day. Find out how their work set the bar for worldwide motorcycle production here.


As one of the premier motoring brands in France, Peugeot has long enjoyed unprecedented success as a motorcycle and scooter manufacturer. Find out more about their history and pedigree by clicking here.


Despite only being in existence for 15 years, American manufacturer Victory has established a solid reputation in the American market for their hard-wearing cool machinery. Find out more about the young Yank upstarts here.

Piaggio Motorcycles

Founded by Rinaldo Piaggio, the group was founded in 1884 but has been run by Immsi S.p.A since 2003. Floated on the Italian stock exchange since 2006, the Piaggio group boasts seven brands under its umbrella. To find out more click here.

Voxan Motorcycles

The French Motorcycle manufacturer, founded in 1995 in Issoire, was the first of French nationality run by several partners to enter the global market. After unveiling the prototype in 1997, the first model for production was released two years later in 1999. Click here to find out how they continued to grow in popularity.

Benelli Motorcycles

Now part of the Moto GB group, Benelli was initially founded in Italy in 1911 by Widow Benelli in hope that it would provide work for her sons. From a repair garage, the Benelli brand has grown into a renowned motorcycle manufacturer. To find out more about availability and models click here.

Buell Motorcycles

After 26 years in business Buell closed its doors and ceased business in October 2009. Having bought the rights to produce spare parts, Harley-Davidson has committed to continuing to supply replacements for this classic motorcycle. For more information on Buell motorcycles, click here.

Lambretta Motorcycles

Established in 1922 in Rome, but moved to Milan in 1931. After the war, the design phase was completed in 1947 and production of the infamous scooters and motorcycles started under various contracts around the world. To find out more about the brand click here.

Moto Morini Motorcycles

One of the lesser known motorcycle brands, Moto Morini’s world revolved around the factory in Casalecchio di Reno. Offering a particularly bespoke outlook on riding, Moto Morini help you realise your dream bike so you can hit the road on it. To find out more click here.

Royal Enfield Motorcycles

A Great British motorcycle company, Watsonian Squire Limited has been producing Royal Enfields since 1901. Originally built in the UK, the production has now been moved to Southern India but Enfield still strive to keep the great British marque alive today. Click here to go to the page.

Vectrix Motorcycles

Established in 1996, Vetrix was created to offer inner city transportation that was efficient and reliable. After ten years the result was a zero emission, completely electric vehicle that entered production in 2007. If you’d like to find out more about zero emission scooters and motorcycles click here.

Bimota Motorcycles

The Bimota philosophy hasn’t changed since the company was established, and they continue to create handcrafted Italian motorcycles with an unshaking attention to detail. In a bid to please even the most demanding riders, the company only offers seven models; more information on which can be found here.

Cagiva Motorcycles

Created in 1978, Cagiva has won the GP 500 world championship with two riders, and produces a range of road bikes from 125cc – 1000cc alongside its sports arm. To find out more about the Italian brand renowned for the balance it creates between style and price, click here.


Founded in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera, the group began in Arcore north-east Italy and was privately run until Piaggio purchased them in 1969. In the summer of 1992 Gilera made a Grand Prix return and although the famous Arcore factory closed in 1993, Piaggio make a small number of motorcycles bearing the name Gilera. To find out more click here.


Italjet is best known for the manufacture of light motorcycles, scooters and more recently quad-bikes. The group was founded in 1959 by Leopoldo Tartarini, in the Bologna region of Italy. In 1998 their Dragster was exhibited as part of The Art of Motorcycles at the New York Guggenheim. For more information please click here.


In their day, Laverda were without doubt held as one of the most innovative performance motorcycle manufacturers. The brand was taken over by Aprilia and then subsequently absorbed into Piaggio in 2004 and production of the Laverda motorcycles closed down. To find out moreclick here.

MV Agusta

MV Agusta was born from a passion for mechanical workings and motorcycle racing. It was founded in February 1945 near Milan, Italy by Count Giovanni Agusta. Other than a few off years MV Agusta held the MotoGP Championship from 1956-1974 in the 500cc class. To find out more click here.


Vespa is a scooter manufactured by Piaggio, the name Vespa means wasp in Italian, a reflection of its speedy, nifty and exciting rider experience. They are best known for their innovative style including flat floorboard foot rests and a front that protects from wind to ensure the speediest of rides. Click here to find out more.


Alternatively, you can get a free, no obligation quote for your bike, no matter what the model, by clicking here, or you can call 0800 804 7952.