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Are Japanese classic cars the hottest collectibles right now?

1994 Toyota Supra

After a classic red 1994 Toyota Supra sold online for $121,000 (just under £92,000) in February, classic car experts are predicting “a spate of modern collectible Japanese-branded cars gaining value in the near future.”

Granted the low mileage and the fact that it was so well-preserved helped bumped the price of the aforementioned Toyota, as the going price for a car of this kind is rarely above £62,000. (a 1994 Toyota Supra)

But the car is now listed with a Toyota dealership in Chicago for an absolutely eye-watering half-a-million dollars. It’s thought that rather than being priced to sell, it’s being used as more of a show-piece to entice people in.

Special Japanese models such as the Toyota 2000GT and the Mazda Cosmo have always brought in top figures at the auction houses, but what’s interesting is that now, the more run-of-the-mill models have also started to increase in value.

With that in mind, Japanese classic cars might be a worthwhile investment for enthusiasts. 

However, if Japanese cars aren’t your thing or you’re looking to enter the classic car market and you don’t know where to start, we recently wrote about five modern classic cars you should buy now before they increase in value.


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