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Which Cars Are Currently Set to Become Future Classics?


It isn’t easy to identify future classic cars, and getting a hold of one can be notoriously difficult. Of course there are certain names that always spring to mind when you think of great classics, such as Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, and Aston Martin to name but a few. 

However, in recent years a number of other models have come up to the surface, with their prices soaring way above what they originally sold for. There’s still a chance that you can get your hands on a good investment for the future though, as a number of vehicles currently have the potential of becoming future classic cars over the next few decades. 

Jaguar XJS V12

Jaguar are an iconic car manufacturer of some of the finest classic cars out there, certainly in terms of style, quality, and luxury. Even though many Jaguars already have the title of being classic cars, the sleek Jaguar XJS looks set to finally catch up. 

Many convertibles have seen a sudden increase in value and the XJS is now predicted to follow this trend. The luxurious coupe comes with the powerful V12 engine, arguably one of Jaguar’s best. If you’re looking to buy one of these, than make sure it has a properly documented history, as the the V12 can be prone to head gasket failure, and the car’s bodywork is sometimes susceptible to rot when not maintained.  

Aston Martin DB7 V12

The world renowned British independent manufacturer has produced a myriad of instant classics throughout the years. But now the Aston Martin DB7 V12 is finally coming into its own, as the popularity of Vantage convertibles increases.  

These V12’s Vantage’s have been predicted to rise in value far quicker than the six-cylinder models. But if you’re looking to invest in one, then keep in mind they can be costly when it comes to maintenance and repairs. 


The MGF two-seater sports car was known for being quite a capable and reliable runaround. It was first introduced in 1995, and the affordable mid-engine convertible soon became quite popular for its time.  

Even though there were many MGFs built, very few of them were actually cared for and well maintained, making the rare examples that are, quite lucrative to collectors. Be warned though that MGFs have a high risk of rusting, which could of course affect the value, so finding one that’s been well looked after is recommended. 

Ford Focus ST170

Focuses are already praised for their driving and handling, and the ST170 certainly followed in the footsteps of its predecessors, with its great handling and styling. The understated but otherwise excellent ST170 now seems to be getting a resurgence, as prices rise and drivers rediscover its charms. 

Anyone looking for one of these souped-up hot hatches will be do better to try and seek out unmodified versions, as these rarer models are set to become more valuable in the long run. Keep in mind that models that have been poorly modified, or not received good maintenance, can be more prone to rust and electrical issues. 

Sometimes there are many more hidden future classic cars out there than you think, and mostly it’s all about looking for those key signs; such as rarity, desirability, and sought after styling. Even cars sporting new tech or a brand new design can have a chance of suddenly increasing in value.

Image credit: Simon [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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