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With ever increasing fuel costs and rising congestion on our roads, it’s no wonder that many people are choosing to ride mopeds. 

Mopeds can be generally cheaper when it comes to insurance and running costs, and they’re an ideal vehicle for commuting because their size makes them easier to park. For those who want to reduce their environmental impact, mopeds are an excellent choice due to their smaller engine size.

You can ride a moped on a provisional licence when you’re 16, you just need to have passed your CBT. This makes mopeds a popular choice with the younger rider and some first time riders treat mopeds as good starter bikes before they progress on to bigger and more powerful motorbikes.

Different types of moped insurance

First and foremost it’s important to find out the type of insurance you need for your individual  circumstances. For example, what will you be using your moped for? Mopeds are great for commuting to and from work or reserved for leisure activities. But many moped riders use their vehicle for work purposes, such as delivery drivers. If that’s the case then it will be necessary to insure the moped for courier use. Otherwise you’ll be looking at Social, Domestic and Pleasure, Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting insurance or Business use if you travel to more than one office for example.

Different levels of moped insurance cover

When you’ve got that figured out you need to look at what level of cover you’ll need. The levels of moped insurance you can get are:


Comprehensive moped insurance is the highest level of cover you can get. This type of cover will pay out for damages to your moped if the accident wasn’t your fault, and even if the accident was your fault. Additionally, it covers anybody else involved and their vehicles; paying for any repairs they might need. With comprehensive cover, fire and theft cover are also included so if your moped is damaged due to fire, or it’s stolen, you will still be covered.

Third Party Fire and Theft

Third Party, Fire and Theft cover only covers the Third Party but does not pay out if you have an accident that was your fault. That means anybody else involved is able to claim compensation for any damage caused by you. However, as the name suggests, this type of insurance does also cover you for fire and theft, so if your moped gets damaged by fire, or gets stolen, you are covered. Remember – this type of cover will not pay out for any damage caused to you or your moped.

Third Party Only

Third Party cover is the most basic moped insurance that you can legally get. It simply covers the costs of damage or injury to any Third Party or their bike. You and your moped are not insured on this level of cover.

Optional Cover

Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover is an additional, optional extra that some riders choose. Getting additional Personal Accident Cover means you’ll get financial assistance if you or anyone you’re riding with gets seriously injured in an accident. Additionally, if you suffer a fatal accident, the insurance will pay out to your family – even if you were at fault for the accident.

Generally, a general Personal Accident Cover policy will cover you for death, permanent and total disablement and loss of limbs. Although every policy is different so it’s worth checking what you’re actually covered for.

Getting moped insurance

At Carole Nash, we’re moped insurance specialists. As a specialist broker, you can easily arrange motorcycle insurance for your moped through us, and we’ll make sure your quote is tailored to you. Get started on your free quote now.

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