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Top five… motorbike demo tours to try this summer

motorbike demo tours to try this summer

Motorcycle manufacturers are vying for custom and always looking for new ways to get you to part with your cash. In recent years we’ve seen a rise in the number of demo tours running throughout the summer months – experience days where manufacturers give you an opportunity to try out their latest wares.

And while they’d inevitably love you to walk away after signing up on the dotted line, they also present a good ‘no obligation’ way to try out some motorcycles you might never have considered in the past. We love them, and these are five that we’re looking forward to seeing this year…

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Tour

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Tour

We loved the new Triumph Tiger Sport 660 when we rode it in Portugal at the end of last year, and now Triumph are taking a fleet of them around their UK dealer network to make it even easier for you to give one a go.

There’s no need to book in advance, just turn up on the day and Triumph’s instructors will take you out on a guided rides. According to Triumph, there will be A2 and full power Tigers available to try out. Find out the dates and locations here.

Ducati Desert X Tour

Ok, so you won’t be riding this one just yet but Ducati is currently in the process of putting on some nights in its dealer network to show off the new Desert X adventure bike.

You can see the bike up close and personal, months before it goes on sale, and get your name down for an early test ride. Find out when it’s at a town close to you on the Ducati website.

Zero Motorcycles Experience Electric Tour

Electric motorcycles are always a talking point. Many of us are curious about EVs, even though many bikers become incandescent with rage at the thought of riding a battery powered bike.

That’s where American EV specialists Zero come in. They reckon we’ll all learn to love electric once we’ve ridden them, and that’s what this tour is about. Taking in iconic biker hangouts like Loomies, Bike Shed, Ace Café and Otterburn, as well as a number of bike dealerships around the country, it’s a great way to sample the future and challenge your prejudices. You’ll even get a free mug! Various bikes from the Zero range will be available. Dates and booking forms can be found here.

Kawasaki Dealer Demo Days

Whereas most manufacturer demo events focus on one model or a particular theme, Kawasaki are happy to open almost the full toy box for their Dealer Demo Days.

Team Green’s truck turns up with a full fleet of the latest models, from the 650cc twins to the various supercharged H2 models. It’s busy throughout the year, so if there’s a Z or a Ninja on your wish list, there’s no better opportunity to get out there and try before you buy. Dates and booking details can be accessed through Kawasaki’s website.

Suzuki Summer Test Road Show

Suzuki Summer Test Road Show

Although Suzuki’s range hasn’t grown a great deal over the past few years, they still have some cracking bikes in their line-up that cover everything from adventures on their V-Strom, to the sporty side of things with their latest GSX-S1000 naked machine.

And with their roadshow, you’ll be able to try out all of their new models and more, including Suzuki’s incredibly popular GSX-S1000GT that we thoroughly enjoyed on the UK launch last year, and their latest Hayabusa too.

If you want to ride a host of these models, all you need to do is contact your local participating dealer and show up with your full licence and DVLA check code, or National Insurance number. A full range of dates can be found at Suzuki.

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