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Indian goes big for 2020


American cruiser brand Indian goes big for 2020

American cruiser brand Indian is introducing a new 1901cc (116ci) V-twin to three revised models for 2020.

Known as the Thunder Stroke 116, the motor will be fitted to the Roadmaster Dark Horse, Springfield and Chieftain models. As well as the new engine, the bikes will also run a completely redesigned version of Indian’s ‘Ride Command’ infotainment system.

No power figures have been released for the new engine, but these twins are all about the torque and, with 168Nm (126 ft-lbs) on tap, they certainly won’t be short of thrust.

New for 2020 is the Springfield Dark Horse, which comes in the wake of the limited edition Dark Horse launched at Daytona Bike Week at the beginning of the year. The model has, in Indian’s words ‘slammed saddlebags, rogue seat, 12-inch (305mm) mini apes (apehanger handlebars) and premium blacked out finishes’ as well as the new engine.

Meanwhile, the Roadmaster Dark Horse is a light tourer that has Harley-Davidson firmly in its sights. The Dark Horse philosophy means a host of blacked out components to offset the classic American styling with its streamlined fairing, low saddlebags and 19-inch front wheel. It’s well equipped too, with a large top box, heated grips and an adjustable windscreen.

For riders looking for a full bagger, the new Chieftain Elite Indian’s top end model and comes with an even bigger fairing and a higher spec that includes a stonking stereo system.

Speaking about the new ‘heavyweight’ models, Indian Motorcycle’s Reid Wilson explained that the new models were evolutions based upon customer feedback. He said: “The majority of these new features and upgrades are a result of our consistent communication with riders, listening to their feedback and incorporating it wherever possible in our ongoing product development efforts. Today’s rider wants more power and expects cutting-edge technology, all packaged in a modern look that’s tough and aggressive. That’s exactly what we’re delivering in 2020.”

Indian says that the new Ride Command system is completely redesigned and has a new quad-core processor to improve the speed of operation, while the sat-nav function has been improved over the old versions. Other changes to the 2020 Indian heavyweights include a new chassis for the Chief Dark Horse and Chief Vintage, which will now share their frame with the Springfield model, while the Springfield and Chief Dark Horse now come equipped with a 17-inch front wheel for improved stability. The 2020 Roadmaster also gets a lighter rear rack too, which is nice.

No prices have been announced for the 2020 Indians yet, but head over to for further information.


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