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New colours for Suzuki and Yamaha, as world waits for 2020 models


New Suzuki and Yamaha Motorbikes

Suzuki and Yamaha have announced a range of new colour options for some of their carryover models next year, as the motorcycling world gets ready to see what new bikes we could be riding next year.

Most new models are traditionally unveiled in the autumn and shown publicly for the first time at Milan’s massive EICMA motorcycle show, which this year takes place between 7-10 November, with small modifications, like new colours, shown beforehand.

Yamaha’s new colour palette has been daubed on its R-series range of sports bikes, with the YZF-R6, YZF-R3 and YZF-R125 getting race inspired ‘Icon Blue’ and ‘Midnight Black’ options, with the learner legal 125 also getting a white version too, known as ‘Competition White’ in Yamaspeak. The blue and black options are also shared with the Japanese manufacturer’s heavily revised YZF-R1, which was announced a few months back and has been publicly seen at a number of race meetings over the summer. All bikes have subtle, grown up, graphics that are a far cry from early sports machines, and overall the look is one of sophistication.

Suzuki’s new liveries, which will be in dealerships later this month, extend to the popular SV650 middleweight and the frugal, 110cc, Address scooter.

As well as an understated gloss black version, Suzuki is back to its brightest best with some more lairy options for the £5999, 645cc, V-twin. The metallic silver option gains bright blue wheels and frame, while the matt black version has red coated wheels and frame, a combination which has proved popular with other manufacturers in recent years. Meanwhile, the £2199 Address keeps it simple with three classy options: a pearl white, bright Suzuki racing blue and a very dark matt blue alternative.

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