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Tips For Taking The Best Photos to Help You Sell Your Bike


When it comes to selling your motorbike online, the first thing any prospective buyer is going to notice are the pictures of your bike, which is why they need to be attention grabbing. Your machine could be the most amazing thing on two wheels, and your selling price could be very appealing, but without stand-out pictures, you’re not going to get as much notice as you need. 

With this in mind we wanted to put some tips together for taking the best photos of your motorbike…

Bike preparation

First of all, get your motorbike looking great by giving it a thorough cleaning. Make sure that you return it to it’s new standards as much as you possibly can, and ensure everything is working properly.

Location, location 

The location where you take your bike photos is very important. It needs to be somewhere with plenty of good light, because potential buyers will likely only see a small thumbnail at first; so this needs to be as clear as possible. 

Natural and simple

Speaking of good light, it’s much better if you can take your pictures outside your garage. Pick a sunny, dry day, and make sure the background is a plain and uncluttered as possible. Even a plain wall will suffice, anything to make the motorbike stand out more, so that the viewer isn’t distracted by anything else in the picture. 

Show the whole bike 

Remember, your bike is what potential buyers want to see, and that means the whole of it. You need to frame the image so that the entire machine is on display, which usually means taking a conventional landscape photo of your motorbike’s profile, or at least it’s front three-quarters. 

Position it properly 

You need to properly position your motorbike so that it’s looking the best it can look. If you have a centre stand, use it to get your bike in a nice upright position. If you only have a side stand, then a good tactic is to take pictures from the right side of your bike, not the same side as the stand. This way you will better avoid any unwanted shadows in the shots. 

Don’t be too arty 

Although it might be tempting to show off your impressive photography skills, any potential buyer won’t be that impressed with style over substance. They will be solely interested in the motorbike, and not any stylistic pictures taken from a crouched position, or with a dramatic looking backdrop. 

A few more tips 

Take the time to create pictures from different angles and positions to see what works best, and try moving your motorbike around a little. Get plenty of close up shots of your bike’s little details as well as the standard full body shots. Include pictures of the engine, headlamp, any accessories, and even the clocks showing the recorded mileage if you can. 

When it comes to any bits of damage or faults, be sure to photograph them too if there are any, as it helps to be honest and show the buyers exactly what they’ll be getting. They will only be frustrated and disappointed if they find damage that they weren’t made aware of. 

If you’re at a total loss in terms of taking the pictures yourself, you could go for the services of a professional photographer. They will be able to ensure your pictures are clear and in-focus, and that all the aspects of your bike are seen in the best light. 

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