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Classic Motorbike Insurance

As one of the UK's leading motorcycle insurance specialists, we've been in the biking business long enough to know that there's no sure-fire definition of what makes a bike a classic.


But we also know just how attached riders of classic bikes are to their machines. So much more than just for getting from A to B, classic bikes are a labour of love that show just how big a part of your life biking is. If your bike is between 20 and 30 years old, it will qualify for a classic motorcycle insurance policy through Carole Nash, providing excellent cover at a competitive price.


Or if your bike is over 30 years old, take a look at our Vintage Bikes policies. For any machines between ten and 20 years, you could benefit from our pioneering Future Classic options. Whether it's been with you for all of those years, or you've finally been able to purchase the dream bike that you craved as a youngster, we get more attached to classic bikes than any others – there's just something about them that even the best new models can't quite emulate.


At Carole Nash we know exactly how much care goes in to each one of these unique machines, and that you'll need insurance that is tailored to the bike you ride. Included for free with all classic bike insurance policies is DNA+ Forensic Protection4 from Carole Nash, which marks your bike with a unique synthetic tag that is virtually impossible to remove. Also included in all Carole Nash classic motorcycle insurance policies is UK and European accident breakdown recovery, including Homestart assistance worth over £100. 

Our other classic motorbike insurance policy benefits include:

  • Low excess only £50
  • Free agreed value1
  • Riding other bikes1
  • Low mileage discounts2
  • Cover for Club rallies3
  • Static displays cover2
  • UK & European accident and breakdown recovery, including Homestart assistance worth over £100
  • DNA+ protection system worth £304
  • Up to 100,000 motorcycle legal protection in the event of an accident  which is not your fault
  • European cover of up to 90 days
  • Salvage retention rights1
  • Up to 10% off for owners club membership1

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Our new Carole Nash Rider Cover, allowing you to ride your mate’s bike5, ring us to find out more!


Get yourself a quote for your classic bike by clicking here or calling 0800 804 7952. It's free and there's no obligation, but we think the value of cover for your classic model through Carole Nash speaks for itself.