Kit Car Insurance

While some classic car enthusiasts like to buy their motors, others prefer to build their dream cars by hand.

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Carole Nash Kit Car Insurance

Kit Car Insurance

Kit cars are a labour of love, as many enthusiasts spend years working on their vehicle. Whatever the reason for building a kit car, you’ll want to get it insured. As classic car insurance brokers, we’re dedicated to trying to help you find a suitable policy, and here’s what you should take into consideration when owning a kit car.

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After you’ve built the car, you’ll need to apply to get it examined by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and pass an Individual Vehicle Approval. This is a legal requirement that determines whether the car is roadworthy or not. You must also send an amateur built declaration along with your IVA application. 

Test centres can be found all over the UK. Once you’ve passed the test, you’ll need to complete a V627/1 form. To complete the process, fill out a V55/4 form to register your car for a number plate.

During these stages you may be asked for evidence of your building history. It’s essential that you document the build of your kit car, which includes a list of parts and photos of key build stages. When applying for kit car insurance, it’s important you supply engine and body details.

Carole Nash offer Kit Car Insurance Cover with a selection of features:

  • Agreed value – If your car is written off following a claim, you will receive the agreed value (subject to photos and confirmation in writing, excluding Third Party Only cover)
  • Salvage retention rights – If your car is declared a total loss following a claim, you may have the option to purchase the remaining salvage of your vehicle
  • EU cover – If you are travelling around Europe, you will have the same level as cover as you do in the UK for up to 90 days.
  • Club member discounts –  of up to 15% (not including fees, optional extras and premium finance)
  • Spare parts cover – We can offer insurance cover for spare parts you have kept in your garage at home against fire and theft (subject to additional premiums)

What are the tiers of Kit Car Insurance?

When choosing your kit car insurance, here at Carole Nash we offer three tiers of cover for you to pick from. Selecting Essentials will help to make sure the fundamentals are covered. Moving up to Classic provides an extra layer of protection, whilst our Premier tier gives further peace of mind.


Agreed value   
Salvage retention rights   
Spare parts cover   
Club member discounts   
Breakdown cover (four levels of cover available)   
Legal cover up to £100,000 included   
Courtesy car - while yours is being repaired   
EU cover   
Key cover   
Audio and sat nav cover   
Windscreen cover (Comprehensive cover only)   
Manage your policy online   
24-hour claims service   

Some benefits listed above apply to Comprehensive cover only. We do also offer Third Party and Third Party, Fire & Theft cover. Please refer to your policy documents for details of what is included with your cover. 


How do I get a Kit-car quote?

While some classic car enthusiasts like to buy their motors, others prefer to build their dream cars by hand

Call us on 0333 005 2295

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