Different types of motorbike insurance policies

We’ve been helping riders find the right motorbike insurance for decades, so we know that one type of cover is not enough to cater for all the different bikes out there. You need protection for your pride and joy, which means taking out a standard policy with add ons that are suited to your specific model.

We’re one of the leading brokers of bike insurance in the UK, so whether you own a scooter, a quad bike, a trike or something else, you can rely on Carole Nash to find the cover that’s right for your ride. Read on to find out more about the different types of policies, what they cover and how you can get a quote.

Motorbike Insurance

There is no better feeling than riding out on two wheels, and a motorbike insurance policy ensures you can take to the open road with that all-important peace of mind.

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Multibike Insurance

If you’re lucky enough to own more than one ride, multibike insurance means you can cover them all under one policy. You’ll only have to worry about one premium, one renewal and one set of paperwork.

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Scooter Insurance

They may not pack as much of a punch as some bikes, but scooters can be ideal for getting you from A to B. If you're regularly nipping around town, you'll need a scooter insurance policy to make sure you’re properly protected.

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Moped Insurance

Mopeds are perfect for those short, tricky journeys around busy urban areas. They may not provide the horse power of bigger bikes, but you still need to feel safe when hitting the road.

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Quad Bike Insurance

Some riders prefer four wheels over two, and the unique features and uses of a quad mean it’s important you’re properly insured by a bespoke policy.

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Trike Insurance

Sadly, trikes are a rare sight on our roads. Their distinctive style means their appeal is obvious and they’re guaranteed to turn heads. If you’re lucky enough to own one, it’s vital that you have the specialist insurance to match your machine.

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Naked Bike Insurance

Owners tend to take a lot more care of their naked bikes, with more time spent on maintenance. An insurance policy for your naked bike through Carole Nash will aim to offer cover with this in mind. 

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Roadster Bike Insurance

Finding a motorbike that has the right balance between performance and practicality is an important consideration for many motorcyclists. Roadsters are a popular choice because they bring together style, comfort and speed.

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Sports Tourer Bike Insurance

Sports tourers combine the performance of a sport bike with the long-distance capability of a tourer. Riders of these machines know exactly what they want from their bike and won’t be intimidated by any journey.

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Cruiser Bike Insurance

Riding a motorbike doesn’t have to be all about speed. Some riders value comfort, which is why they are likely to invest in a cruiser motorbike. 

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Superbike Insurance

If your pride and joy happens to be a high-performance motorbike, you're going to need superbike insurance. At Carole Nash, we search a wide range of insurers to find a quote that's right for you.

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Commuter Insurance

One of the most efficient ways of getting to work is by motorbike, which allows you to save time and enjoy a less stressful journey. As you’ll be making the trip every day, this policy will ensure you’re protected.

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Custom Bike Insurance

As one of the UK’s leading motorcycle insurance experts, we understand that custom motorbike riders like you are all about getting the most out of your machines. A custom motorbike can truly capture the passion and personality of the individual.

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Supersport Bike Insurance

A supersport bike is the ideal machine, as it has the kind of middleweight specifications that give it an edge. As experienced brokers, we provide supersport bike insurance that will help to protect you on the road. 

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Adventure Bike Insurance

Riders who enjoy touring but with a performance-style machine may well have an adventure bike sitting in their garage. Though these models are common, it is sometimes difficult to find an insurance policy that covers both touring and performance-style riding.

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Touring Bike Insurance

The amount of travelling that gets done on your touring motorbike means your insurance policy needs to keep you completely covered at home and abroad. Our policy includes this as standard.

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Trail / Enduro Insurance

Everything about the off-road experience is different, and you’ll need the bike insurance to match. That’s why off-road policies for trail and enduro motorbikes through Carole Nash come with additional protection as standard.

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Classic motorcycle insurance policies

If your bike is a throwback to a bygone era, you might need to seek out a specialist form of insurance. Whether it’s your main ride or one you only wheel out for special occasions, your motorcycle may be best suited to one of these classic policies.

Vintage Bike Insurance

Bikes over 30 years old are eligible for a vintage bike insurance policy, often known as historic motorcycle insurance. This offers no excess in the event of a claim, unlimited mileage, club discount and much more.

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Future classic motorcycle insurance

If your ride is over 10 years old but below the 20-year mark necessary for classic bike cover, then future/modern classic bike insurance could provide the protection you need.

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Classic Bike Insurance

If your bike is between 20 and 30 years old, it may qualify for a classic policy through Carole Nash, providing suitable cover.

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