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We know bikes, and we especially know bike insurance. When you choose our optional extras, you can add some additional protection to your policy, for extra peace of mind that lets you focus on the road.

Browse our optional extras, like Return Your Excess, Helmet & Leathers cover, and Personal Accident cover, or alternatively choose a combination of Helmet & Leathers and Personal Accident Cover - which could save you money from buying both separately - with our Protection Plus cover.

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Return Your Excess Insurance

  • Claim back up to £500 in excess costs
  • Automatic reimbursement makes it easy

If your motorbike is stolen or damaged, or you’re involved in a fault accident, you’ll need to pay a contribution towards any insurance claim you make where you are at fault – this contribution is known as an excess.

Adding Return Your Excess Insurance to your bike insurance means that you’ll be refunded for your excess, up to £500 per policy period. Plus, we’ll handle it all for you – with our automatic reimbursement there is no need to make a separate claim. Once the claim on your bike insurance is settled as fault or partial fault, we’ll process your excess refund.  

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Helmet & Leathers Cover

  • Just £29.99 a year
  • We’ll pay out up to £1,500 in cover for your helmet, leathers and boots if they’re damaged beyond economical repair following a motorcycle accident.
  • Cover for helmet cameras now included.

Having the right gear is essential when you’re out on your motorcycle. Good kit doesn’t come cheap, so it’s good to know that if the worse does happen, your helmet and leathers will be covered if they are damaged in the event of an accident.

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Protection Plus

  • Only £47.98 per year
  • Helmet & Leathers cover
  • Personal Accident cover

Our Protection Plus policy offers our Helmet & Leathers cover and our Personal Accident cover in one simple policy. Adding this to your main bike insurance policy means that both you and your gear are protected when out on the road.

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Personal Accident

  • Just £22.99 a year
  • Receive up to £21,000 worth of cover for accidental bodily injury following a motorcycle accident

With our personal accident insurance, you can rest assured that if the worst happens, you’re covered under a policy that is tailored for motorcycle riders. Personal accident insurance for bikers through Carole Nash provides safeguards for both you and your family in the event of specified serious injuries or death.

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