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Our car insurance is made up of differing levels of cover for you to choose from, depending on the level of protection you’d like - but you can also tailor your policy even more, using our optional extras.

We’ve paid attention to your needs with your car insurance, and when you add one of our optional extras to your policy, you get benefits which standard insurance won’t be able to provide. For example, getting back on the road sooner if your car’s stolen or can’t be repaired with our Replacement Vehicle Cover.

What's covered?


Whichever level of cover you choose, we have three tiers to select from. Choose from our Essentials cover, which includes your insurance fundamentals. Moving up a tier is Classic, providing you additional cover, and Premier tier, giving you peace of mind. 


BenefitEssentials Classic Premier
Breakdown cover (four levels of cover available)  
Legal cover up to £100,000 included   
Courtesy car - while yours is being repaired   
Key cover   
Audio and Sat Nav cover   
Windscreen cover    
Manage your policy online   
24 hour claims service    

The benefits listed relate to our comprehensive cover. Other features, benefits and limitations exist, please contact us for details, TPFT is available and cover benefits will vary.

Our Optional Extras

Return Your Excess Insurance

  • Claim back up to £500 in excess costs
  • Automatic reimbursement makes it easy

If you need to make a claim on your car insurance, you will usually need to pay towards the cost of repairs or replacement, this is known as an excess.

With Return Your Excess Insurance in place, you’ll be reimbursed for your excess, up to £500 per policy period. We offer automatic reimbursement for fault and partial fault claims which means, once the claim on your car insurance is settled, we’ll process your excess refund without you needing to make a separate claim.


    Replacement Vehicle Cover

    • Just £19.99 a year
    • 48-hour response rate

    While courtesy cars are provided for when yours is being repaired after an accident, in the event that your car’s been written off or stolen, you’ll need a replacement vehicle to get back on the road. Our Replacement Vehicle cover can ensure that you’re provided a like-for-like car within 48 hours of your claim being approved.

    Important to know about hire car cover

    • Access to a hire car is for up to 28 days following a claim
    • You can take advantage of this up to a maximum of 2 claims per policy year
    • Claims must be notified within 14 days of the incident
    • It does not cover the cost of fuel, fares, fines or additional excesses imposed
    • You will be required to present a valid driving licence and credit or debit card

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