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Quad Bike Insurance

The versatility of a quad means it isn’t always adequately protected by a more generic policy, so when you arrange quad bike insurance through Carole Nash you can be sure you’ll be getting the cover you need. Rules around what you can and can’t do with a quad bike can get quite complex but, whether you ride a sports quad, leisure, or utility machine, off-road or on-road, we’ve got you covered.

At Carole Nash we are more than just expert motorbike insurance specialists – so give us a call and get your Quad Bike insured today.

If you’re worried about taking your quad out on the road, quad insurance through Carole Nash can be tailored to make sure you’re road-legal. Let us worry about the details – you can just enjoy your four-wheeled ride.

For off-road policies through Carole Nash, additional protection comes as standard with cover for events, tracks and practice grounds, as well as during transit^†. £250 of replacement tool cover is also included‡†.

Quad Bike Insurance benefits

Included for free with all quad bike insurance policies:

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Motorhome Insurance

Normal car or van insurance doesn’t cover a motorhome or a campervan. There’s plenty of generic campervan cover available out there that would cover a bigger vehicle which is technically classed as a motorhome, but can you be sure that you’re getting the best value cover?

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Off Road Insurance

With our fire and theft policy We make sure you’re covered not just at home but at events, tracks and practice grounds, as well as during transit. £250 of replacement tool cover is also included, so you’ll never be caught out even if your tools are damaged or stolen.

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