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A bit of history

MG has been synonymous with British sporting and performance motoring since it became a stand-alone marque in 1928, although the company was founded five years earlier.

The first M-Type MG Midget was derived from the Morris Minor car and featured an advanced overhead and performance camshaft design, placing it in direct competition to Austin’s Seven sporting range.

The subsequent MGTA to MGTF ranges all proved firm favourites with the motoring public, and their appeal endures to this day.

Since then, MGA and MGB roadsters, tourers and saloons have all joined the range, and the MG name always features strongly when a conversation turns to classic motoring. In fact, even relatively modern MGs seem to acquire classic status long before other cars.

With so many MGs to choose from, the key factor is how you want to use the car.

If you have a passion for adventure, and value thrills over frills, look no further than the 1928 to 1955 Midget range. Later (1961 to 1979) Midgets still manage to pack plenty of excitement into their tiny frames, but the overall experience is from a different, more comfortable age.

The MGA and MGB models truly epitomise the manufacturer’s output between 1955 and 1980, and it is here that the greatest following lies. Both types are easy to work on and, with the MGB GT offering 2+2 seating, there is even a nod towards family motoring.

However, MG’s many saloon models shouldn’t be overlooked. From the pre-war Magna Salonette through to the Magnette ZA and ZB and Farina types, ownership meant entry into a world of motoring glamour.

Even later MGs, including Metros, Maestros, Montegos, and not forgetting the MGF, are also coveted by avid enthusiasts of the marque.

Buying an MG today involves a thought process that’s remarkably similar to the one required when the cars were new.

MGBs and 1960-1979 Midgets are well supplied when it comes to spares, and can be ideal entries into the world of classic motoring. All classic cars demand an amount of owner maintenance, but these models are particularly user-friendly when in good condition.

Earlier MGs such as the MGTA to MGTF range, as well as the MGA, are also well served for spares and support.

However, don’t rush in. There are plenty of MGs available on the market, so a cool head is essential when it comes to striking a deal. Join the MG Owners Club and talk to their experts before making a decision. Always look out for corrosion problems, and seek expert advice if you’re at all unsure.

You should also look for expert advice when it comes to insurance. You should look for specialist MG classic car insurance. After all you want to make sure that you’re speaking to someone who knows all about your car.

Looking for another kind of Classic Car Insurance?

If you are looking to insure your MG, insurance policies through Carole Nash include
a number of features as standard, including:

  • UK and EU breakdown recovery, including home start – worth £100 when compared to other providers.
  • Up to £100,000 legal protection if you’re in an accident that’s not your fault
  • Salvage retention rights
  • Discounts for club members
  • Choose your own specialist repairer
  • European cover up to 90 days
  • Dedicated claims team available 24/7, 365 days a year
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Classic MG Insurance

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