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Mini’s history

1959 will be remembered as the year the automotive world changed forever when Sir Alec Issigonis introduced the Mini. What set it apart from other cars was the transverse engine, providing a strong performance for such a small car. The front-wheel drive layout allowed for a lot of space, which went on to influence a generation of car manufacturers.

A British pop culture icon, the Mini has remained a favourite classic car for enthusiasts around the world. From the original Mark 1 Mini, to the rare Mini Traveller, there are many variants to appreciate. Whether you own a Mini, or are looking to buy one, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected by finding the right insurance policy.

With a range of Classic Minis to choose from, it can be helpful to understand the different models. The Mini Mark 1 has the distinction of being the original version, featuring sliding windows, external door hinges and ‘moustache’ grille. Compact and stylish, it’s not hard to see why it captured the imagination of the public.

The Mini Cooper S is a sportier version with a 1071 cc engine. They are the most desirable model, but there are plenty of fakes out there. Be sure to do a lot of research or consult an expert from a dedicated Mini club.

The Mini Traveller, also called a Woodie, is distinctive. The car features a wooden rear frame that makes it stand out. Billed as an estate model, the Traveller was designed as an upmarket model. You’ll want to look after the wooden frame and protect it against damp and UV light.

Take your time to decide which classic Mini you want to buy and research thoroughly. Online dealerships, blogs and classic car clubs are great places to seek advice. When inspecting your classic Mini, check out sills, seams and sub-frame mountings. Corrosion can badly affect these areas if they aren’t well protected.

If you’re buying a rare model like the Traveller, then make sure you learn all about the car before making a purchase.

Don’t expect phenomenal mileages from the engine and gearbox. The latter sits in the engine’s sump and shares the oil with it. As a result, very frequent engine oil and filter changes are both expected and strongly recommended.

New body shells are available for later cars and these can be a useful way of starting from scratch on particularly corroded or damaged vehicles.

Modified minis are common, often with changes such as the 998c engine being replaced with a 1275cc. If your Mini is modified, tell your insurers to make sure you’re fully covered.

Looking for another kind of Classic Car Insurance?

If you are looking to insure your Mini, insurance policies through Carole Nash include a number of features
as standard, including:

  • UK and EU breakdown recovery, including home start – worth £100 when compared to other providers.
  • Up to £100,000 legal protection if you’re in an accident that’s not your fault
  • Salvage retention rights
  • Discounts for club members
  • Choose your own specialist repairer
  • European cover up to 90 days
  • Dedicated claims team available 24/7, 365 days a year
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Classic Mini Insurance

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