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Suzuki Bike Insurance

Suzuki have come a long way from its origins as a company making weaving machines over 100 years ago. Branching out into motorcycles in the 1950s, Suzuki is now one of the world’s biggest automakers.

Its place in motorcycle history can’t be questioned – the Hayabusa was the world’s fastest production motorcycle for seven years, and Suzuki became the first Japanese manufacturer to win a motocross world championship in 1970.

Suzuki is also known for its forward-thinking concept bikes, as well as the incredibly versatile V-Strom series, which comes in Adventure, Street and Tourer variants. No matter what you ride, we can help you find motorcycle insurance through Carole Nash for your Suzuki.

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Whatever the model, all bike insurance policies from Carole Nash come with plenty of benefits
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  • Unlimited accessory cover
  • Up to as much as 10% off for insurance-approved security
  • Carole Nash Rider Cover® which could allow you to ride a friend’s bike, as long as you both have comprehensive policies – subject to individual circumstances

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