Classic Military Vehicle Insurance

Take cover. Protect your military vehicle.

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Classic Military Vehicle Insurance

Cover offered through us is for land and water vehicles (with the exclusion of hovercrafts) providing you keep them on terra firma, off the waterways, and out of the lakes, seas and oceans.

Many ex-military policies, including those through us, only cover green laning as these are still public highways.

Although many insurers may not consider covering your ex-military vehicle owing to the fears that come with unfamiliarity, at Carole Nash we know that not only are ex-military vehicles built with durability in mind, but a passionate community can help ensure that they are well-maintained.

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Owners of ex-Military vehicles are astutely aware of the challenges they face in order to make the vehicles road legal. Even after you have made the appropriate modifications, got your vehicle registered and received an assigned plate, you are still likely to encounter issues with insurance. Most companies simply are not equipped with the information to insure specialist army vehicles or the military variant.

With so many vehicles and specifications to consider, at Carole Nash we appreciate the requirements of individuals and work hard to try and find a policy to insure your military vehicle, whether it is an ex-SAS ‘Pink Panther’ Land Rover, Daimler Ferret armoured car, Alvis Scorpion reconnaissance vehicle or T-34 Soviet tank. We can cater for road-legal ex-MOD vehicles from the Army, Navy, Marines, RAF, Special Forces or Reserves and offer insurance for military vehicles imported from the EU, United States and Eastern Bloc.

Carole Nash offer Military Vehicle Insurance policies with a selection of features:

  • Agreed value - If your vehicle is written off following a claim, you will receive the agreed value (subject to photos and confirmation in writing, excluding Third Party Only cover)
  • Salvage retention rights - If your vehicle is declared a total loss following a claim, you may have the option to purchase the remaining salvage of your vehicle
  • EU cover - If you are travelling around Europe, you will have the same level of cover as you do in the UK for up to 90 days
  • Club member discounts - of up to 15% (not including fees, optional extras and premium finance)
  • Spare parts cover - We can offer insurance cover for spare parts you have kept in your garage at home against fire and theft (subject to additional premiums)

When choosing your Military Vehicle Insurance, here at Carole Nash we offer three tiers of cover for you to pick from. Selecting Essentials will help to make sure the fundamentals are covered. Moving up to Classic provides an extra layer of protection, whilst our Premier tier gives further peace of mind. 


BenefitEssentials Classic Premier
Agreed value

Salvage retention rights

Spare parts cover

Club member discounts

Breakdown cover (four levels of cover available)  
Legal cover up to £100,000 included   
Courtesy car - while yours is being repaired   
EU cover

Key cover   
Audio and Sat Nav cover   
Windscreen cover (Comprehensive cover only)   
Manage your policy online   
24 hour claims service    
Some benefits listed apply to Comprehensive cover only. We do also offer Third Party and Third Party, Fire & Theft cover. Please refer to your policy documents for details of what is included with your cover.

Take cover. Protect your military vehicle.

Call us on 0333 005 2295

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