Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 31st July 2019

The British-designed and built ARC Vector electric motorcycle made its UK dynamic debut early in July and is promised to be going into production in Summer 2020.

Having been shown as a concept at Motorcycle Live last year, the electric motorbike appeared in final prototype form at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it made multiple runs up the famous hill at Goodwood house in front of huge crowds.

The bike is being developed in Coventry and has been backed by Jaguar Land Rover. It will cost upwards of £90,000 when it goes on sale as a ‘neo café racer’ designed for ‘spiritual and physical adventure’.

The first ARC concept bike was shown at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan last year but it appears the project is rapidly advancing and Summer 2020 is being promised as the time the first versions will go into production.

ARC claim the bike is ‘the most advanced electric motorcycle ever brought to market’ and will even come with an interactive crash helmet and clothing that works seamlessly with the bike and a Heads-Up Display (HUD) giving important information to the rider.

The riding jacket works to vibrate on the shoulders and arms to warn the rider of potential hazards along with giving a direction the hazard is coming from with haptic feedback.
ARC is promising thrilling performance from the fully-electric motorcycle which is built from carbon-fibre and will be limited to just 399 examples.

The 16.8kWh battery, combined with the relatively low weight for an electric bike of 220kg promises huge performance with a claimed range of over 250 miles and a charging time of just 40 minutes.
Prior to the Goodwood Festival of Speed runs, ARC boss Mark Truman said: “Goodwood is the ideal place for us to show the Vector to the people for the first time in anger.

“We’ve been testing behind the scenes and now the bike is emerging from the shadows. It is the most amazing thing both to ride and behold.”