Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 26th January 2016

For some reason or another, lots of people seem to think that we bikers listen to nothing other than hard rock or Meat Loaf-inspired power ballads – which, in our humble opinion, feels slightly off.

Given the eclectic taste of the team here at insidebikes, we’ve decided to devise an alternative playlist for our devoted readers. Taking inspiration from the world of music, film and culture, our top ten alternative tracks present a list that seeks to discredit this outdated stereotype.

We’ve also included a handy playlist at the bottom of this article – so if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to broaden your musical horizon, feel free to plug in your headphones and have a jam!

Miles Kane – Inhaler

Today’s mods deserve a new modfather – enter Miles Kane. Named as one of GQ’s best-dressed men in Britain last year, Kane’s Weller-inspired look arrives fresh out of the 1960s – and while style game remains strong, his mod-inspired tunes will keep you company as your Vespa sleeps this winter.

Daft Punk – The Son of Flynn

For anyone who hasn’t seen Tron Legacy, one of the film’s highlights is a scene in which Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) rides a stunning Ducati Sport 1000 to the sound of Daft Punk’s amazing soundtrack. Fancy reliving it? Simply close your eyes and play this tune, you’ll be there in no time.

The Prodigy – Diesel Power

Keith Flint is a huge bike fan – so it only seems right that we include a track by his awesome band, The Prodigy, in our alternative line-up of biking anthems. Combining hard-hitting drums and sledgehammer synths, Diesel Power is a great tune to listen to when tinkering away in the garage.

College and Electric Youth – A Real Hero

Now we know what you’re thinking: isn’t A Real Hero from the soundtrack to Drive, the film famous for its use of awesome cars as opposed to motorbikes? You’re not wrong. However, with Ryan Gosling being something of a biker himself, we felt this particular tune is well deserving of a place in our top ten.

Metallica – Fuel

When it comes to representing all that is great and good in modern rock music, Metallica have been killing it for over three decades. From rocking riffs to crashing cymbals, these guys offer something of a modern alternative for any Hells Angel still spinning vinyl from the 1970s.

Prince – Purple Rain

When you think of tough guys, Prince might not be the first name that springs to mind – but he certainly knows a thing or two about looking cool on a motorbike. Seen sporting a purple suit on the cover of his 1984 smash-hit album, Purple Rain, Prince looks every inch the biker while perched upon a Honda CB400A.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Downtown

One for younger riders – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ Downtown features motorbikes and scooters pretty heavily throughout the track’s accompanying video. And with lyrics such as “head into the dealership and drop a stack and cop a Kawasaki”, you can’t deny a place on the list for this modern banger.

Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone

Leaving Bobby D out of our alternative playlist would be nothing short of sacrilege. As a keen biker himself, Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone offers an awesome choice for bikers looking to add a soundtrack to the biking memories that play throughout their minds.

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Any artist willing to have their head superimposed on the front of a classic chopper gets a huge thumbs up from us. Controversial? Maybe, but for anyone who’s seen the sleeve artwork for Born This Way can tell you – there’s something pretty cool about seeing Lady Gaga as a motorbike.

Kanye West – Bound 2

As one of the biggest artists of the decade, it’d be rude to leave Kanye West off our list – especially when you consider the awesome dirtbike Yeezy himself rides in the video to Bound 2. And while we might not condone Kanye’s biking style (no helmet? no leathers?), we’re more than happy to suggest this particular tune as an alternative anthem!

Think you’ve got a track to add to the list? Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter and let us see what you’ve got!