Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th October 2014

A new app specially designed for motorcycle dealerships and their customers has been launched in the United States.

CycleMate, developed by mobile technology specialist Activation, delivers relevant content to motorcyclists to help dealerships maintain a relationship with customers and send them tailored messages and promotions.

Personalised content, messages, alerts and invitations are sent to the user based on their location, bike, interests, engagement and purchase history. The content is related to where you are, what you like, what you have purchased and how you engage.

The app’s message centre allows dealers to send anything from simple messages to service suggestions and product pickup information. Personalised notifications can alert the rider when it’s time for their next service, deliver accessory and product recommendations, provide details of local bike activities, groups and events, allow the user to share and respond to ride notifications from buddies, and track their parked bike location.

Weather alerts notify the rider of inclement weather, and can include product suggestions from the dealer based on the weather and the needs of the rider.

The app can also be used to set up and track rides and maps, and to share rides, stories and pictures with others.

The sharing features and two-way communication between dealer and customer make the app more than just a marketing tool for pushing content to the user.

Do you like the sound of CycleMate? Would it make you feel more “in touch” with your local dealership? We’d love to know your thoughts.