Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 8th April 2014

Dave Mangan, a roads policing inspector, is urging motorcycle riders to consider the risks of riding a bike while feeling tired in a campaign backed by North Yorkshire Police.


Mangan’s father was involved in a fatal accident in 2013, and now Dave is working closely with the Lancashire Constabulary to spread awareness of the issue. As part of the campaign, Dave will be creating a short film about his dad’s last ride.


The video will be first shown at a biker engagement and education event in Helmsley, and will then be broadcast to motorcyclists around the county, The York Press reports.


Dave’s father, Mike, was 72 years old when he crashed into a vehicle on 11 September last year in Wheddon Cross, Somerset, during the last ten miles of his 320-mile trip. According to his family, Mike’s fatigue was the main factor that led to the fatal accident.


It is extremely important that bikers are aware of the risks they might face if riding tired. Even the most experienced riders can fail to judge adequately if they feel sleepy, which could have very serious consequences, he added, urging bikers not to make this mistake.


Mike’s family decided to use the tragic accident to help other bikers understand the risks they face whilst riding tired. If just one biker recognises the dangers, then the campaign will be a success. When riding on a long trip, motorcyclists usually start feeling tired towards the end of it and this could result in loss of concentration, which could be fatal.