Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th June 2016

At Carole Nash we’re always on the side of the biker. To prove that bikers are at the top, we have previously carried out some research that put bikers and drivers head to head. We have tested their knowledge of the driving test (bikers won*) and their road sign awareness (again, bikers won*).

Away from the road, do bikers win at other aspects of life? To discover this, we decided to try something a little different and find out if the British public think bikers are more attractive than drivers.

We chose a selection of models and photographed them with and without their biking attire, to prove whether our theory about bikers vs. drivers was correct, yet again. We conducted an independent survey of 1,000 people across the UK to see if they think bikers are more attractive than drivers…

Turns out they do!

The photos we used in the study are below (biking attire kindly supplied by DPC Distribution):

biker vs non biker

biker vs none biker

biker vs none biker

biker vs none bikerbiker vs none biker

biker vs none biker

Wearing leathers isn’t the only aspect of biking that can help make you feel more attractive either. In order to ride a motorbike well, especially for racing, you need to have a great level of fitness.

Carole Nash brand ambassador, Leon Haslam, has to keep his body in peak physical condition in order to compete and works out daily with a personal trainer on a balanced plan that includes weights, cardio and high intensity interval training (HIIT), gives an insight to his own fitness regime:

leon hiit quote

Due to our previous research, which showed that bikers beat their four-wheeled counterparts in 76% of tests when it comes to road and safety knowledge*, we developed ‘Bikers Only’ car insurance. If you’re a biker and want to insure a car, we can guarantee to BEAT your car insurance renewal** premium. This shows our dedication to making sure our bikers always get the cover they need.

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* Source: The survey was conducted by Mortar – sample size 3,000, the research was conducted across September and October 2014.

** Terms and conditions apply, minimum premium and age restrictions apply. Call for details or visit Carole Nash Bikers Only Terms and Conditions.