Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 2nd June 2014

The renowned Kells Road Races will be making a grand return this year, and Carole Nash has been given the honour of title sponsor for the event, which will take place on 21 and 22 June in Crossakiel, Kells, County Meath.

The event, which returns this month following a two-year absence, is organised by The Kells Club in association with Road Racing Ireland.

In the past, an impressive line-up of racers from across the globe have graced the roads of Crossakiel, including Ryan Farquhar, Guy Martin, Michael Dunlop and our very own brand ambassador, SBK champ Jonathon Rea.

Top Irish road racer William Dunlop has confirmed that he will be racing at the event, alongside an expected 120 other competitors. Speaking to Road Racing Ireland Editor Leslie Moore, Dunlop said that he is thrilled that Kells Road Races is back on this year. He added that the race is one of his favourite meetings of all time. Dunlop made his Kells debut back in 2003 where he finished second place to his Dad, the late Robert Dunlop.

A launch party was held for the Kells Road Races in early May at the Headfort Arms Hotel in Kells. Speaking at the event, Course Clerk Sean Bissett said that he was delighted for the event to be back on again. Bissett, who has been a part of the event since its first year back in 1994, added that the Kells Road Race has gone from “much missed to hotly anticipated” thanks to the hard work of the club and numerous other supporters.

A Classic Run charity ride-out has been organised for the evening of Friday, 20 June. Roads close at 1pm on the Saturday for Classic races and practice runs. Actual races will take place on the Sunday, with roads closing at 11am.

A whopping 20-25,000 people are expected to attend this year’s event. For more information and for registration visit the event website: