Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 24th May 2013

The second of May’s bank holidays is gearing up to be warmer than the last. Not only are forecasters suggesting we might be blessed with the occasional ray of sunshine but Carole Nash has come up with a promotion that’s hotter than a tailpipe on the salt flats!

tool kit

In short, if you call for new bike insurance quote this weekend we’ll send you a rather tasty Oxford Essential Motorcycle Tool Kit worth £14.99* – totally free.  You heard us right. Just call for a quote – and you’ll soon see a handy 28 piece carbon-steel manufactured tool kit landing with a satisfying thud on your doormat. Well actually, compact as it is, you might need to answer the door but don’t worry there’s not even a penny in P&P to pay!

It seems a bit of a no-brainer to us here at Carole Nash. For just a few minutes on the blower – you’ll get a top-notch tool kit designed to be stowed under your seat ready for all manner of roadside emergency. Holstered in a neat and tough carry-case the kit includes a socket set, electrical screwdrivers, needle-nose pliers, screwdriver bits and other handy stuff to help you out of a fix.

To claim your free kit all you need do is quote the reference BHGA when calling 0800 804 7952 for your quote, (it’s a freephone number too!). But don’t hang about, as the giveaway will close at 8pm sharp on Tuesday 28 May. (Bear in mind too that it’s open only to those of you calling for new quotes for modern or classic bikes). Check out more details here.

As if you need any further incentive to get a quote from Carole Nash – remember that doing so means you’ll also be automatically entered for The Ultimate Biking Giveaway. At stake is a prize worth up to £20k** which includes a Suzuki GSR 750, European SBK or Moto GP holiday for two,  up to £2k of biking gear and a whole load of Carole Nash insurance, including Six Wheel cover to protect that Suzy and, oh yes, the Alto SZ motor which is also part of this incredible package!

*Terms and conditions apply, visit For full details please visit
**Terms and conditions apply, visit For full prize details, visit