Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 10th April 2015

It’s another year older for us at Carole Nash, and this time it’s a big one! Yes, it’s our 30th birthday this year, and we’re celebrating three decades in the business of getting motorcycle enthusiasts out on the road – with deals that treat each bike with ‘the care it deserves’ – by asking you to share your motorcycle memories with us.

For our 30th, we’re finding ourselves get a little bit nostalgic and misty-eyed for the early days of Carole Nash, and our early days of riding motorbikes. We’ve been taking some time to remember not just how Carole started an insurance company for classic bikes in her home in 1985, but also what drew each of us to bikes ourselves.

The strange pull that these two-wheeled machines have, the almost childlike thrill at riding one for the first time, the overwhelming pride that comes with buying that first bike – we’ve all had our unforgettable experiences. Every biker has plenty of memories of time spent riding – road trips and tours, friends made at events, hours spent in the garage working on custom parts, all those things that make us such a great community.

So join us in our reminiscing – we want to see pictures of your first bikes! Whether you saved for months as a teenager, finally took the plunge in retirement, or picked it up anywhere in between, if it was the first motorbike that you took out on the road then we want to know all about it. Share a photo with us, along with some favourite memories of your time riding it, and we’ll be showing the best ones off on insidebikes as well as sharing them with the world.

We can’t wait to see all of your amazing stories and classic bikes, so send them to us via Twitter (@insidebikes using #nashtalgia) or upload them to our Facebook page if you want them to be part of our very special celebration.

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