Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 22nd January 2014

Roads along the Cookstown circuit will undergo major repairs to make it possible for the Cookstown 100 motorcycle race event to take place. Plans of the improvement were announced during a meeting between local authorities and representatives of the Cookstown Motorcycle Club. Cookstown circuit roads

The improvements have been promoted by Roads Minister Danny Kennedy and welcomed by Mid-Ulster Ulster Unionist Sandra Overend and Trevor Wilson, Cookstown Councillor, who were both present at the meeting. The repairs are a demonstration of the minister’s willingness to deal with issues raised and to act upon them, Overend commented. The fact that he took the time to come to the meeting, listen and discuss all the issues highlighted by the Cookstown and District Motorcycle Club, and his decision to make the improvements and repairs to the route of the Cookstown 100 circuit are both valued highly, she said, as reported by The Midulster Mail.

In addition, repairs and improvements to certain sections of the Orritor Road in Cookstown, including work to be performed at higher-than-required standards for normal road use, were also among the commitments made by the minister. Those improvements will guarantee improved safety for those who use the roads for racing and will also bring many benefits to the people of the Cookstown community who use the road every day, Overend added.

This year’s Cookstown 100 Motorcycle road race will take place on Friday 25 April and Saturday 26 April 2014, with roads to be closed from 10.00 for practice on Friday and for the race day on Saturday.