Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th December 2017

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that we’re just one week away from Christmas.


Chances are, you’re fed up with shopping, but the good thing is that motorcyclists are generally pretty easy to buy presents for.

All the motorcycle manufacturers make great merchandise ranges that are just perfect for Christmas and, what’s more, they’re dead easy to buy for.

While the main shopping centres are rammed full of last minute consumers, December’s not exactly renowned as the busiest time of year for local bike dealers, making them one of simplest purchases you can get this week.


So what’s out there? Here are 11 of our favourite pieces of official merchandise from the manufacturers…



Kawasaki is the brand to beat in world superbike racing, and with two popular Brits in Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes in their squad, you don’t have to go far at a race meeting to find fans parading around in official Kawasaki Racing Team clothing.

rea t shirt

The range includes everything from socks to fleeces, with everything in between, but why not give your loved one a special memento of Jonny’s record breaking year with an official #R3PEAT T-shirt. This is an exact replica of the shirts worn by the triple champ and his team in their post-race celebrations at Magny Cours this year. It costs £19.99 and you can see the full range at



KTM are the kings of the branded novelty gift, with everything from bright orange underpants to equally lurid toasters famously featuring in their accessories catalogue in recent years.

KTM dummy

But if you really want to start ‘em young, don’t be a dummy and check out these official KTM pacifiers. They could be the perfect stocking filler for the budding baby motocrosser and, if you want to go the full hog, they do a matching baby bottle, feeder and ‘Braap!’ bib. All in orange, of course.



It’s fair to say that a lot of Honda’s corporate range is a bit, erm, corporate, but there’s also some really fantastic T-shirts and hoodies inspired by the brand’s glorious period in the 1970s.


We’re loving the ‘Sixties HM Tee’ and ‘Honda 500 Tee’ but the most iconic design of all doesn’t even carry the Honda logo (barring a small label). The Castrol Hoodie is made from a cotton and polyester mix, with a super soft microfleece lining. The classic Castrol logo has a distressed effect but just pings out against the main charcoal grey material. It’s £44.99 from Honda dealers.


Straight out of Italy, Ducati’s gift range is as comprehensive as any other manufacturer’s but far less expensive than you might imagine.

Ducati watch

As a premium name in the world of motorcycling, you’d think that Ducati’s gift shop would be a range of expensive fashion brand tie ins and exclusive trinkets but there are plenty of great Ducati gifts for less than £50.


That said, we’ve pushed the boat out a bit for our selection, but at £115, the Dynamic quartz watch is a nicely presented timepiece that looks great and comes presented in a smart metal case.



With a brand as iconic is Triumph, it’s hardly surprising that Britain’s biggest bike manufacturer has slapped its name on pretty much every kind of merchandise you can imagine.

triumph multi tool

The T-shirt range is too cool for school but when it comes to a simple stocking filler you can’t beat a multi tool, can you? It’s like most multi tools, with 20 functions, but has the Triumph logo on it. Yours for £20 from Triumph dealers.



First founded in 1901, Indian is one of the oldest names in motorcycling. The revived company is still a relatively small player in the cruiser market but one place where they are really making waves is with their merchandising.

indian bag

Indian make a lovely range of branded gifts with some cool jackets and tops, but for the lady who wants to share her passion for all things Indian wherever she may be, we’re particularly loving this £81.89 premium leather handbag.



Not many of us can afford a new Norton from the revived British company but the boutique bike builder has a decent range of T-shirts and accessories that fans can purchase to show their loyalty to the marque.

norton boot

One intriguing entry in the range are these ‘Mad Dog Biker Boots’ created in a collaboration with Northampton cobblers Jeffery~West and available in either black or tan leather. At £395, they are not cheap but, like the bikes, they are hand crafted and delectably British. On the downside, you’ll be hard pressed to find a local Norton dealership, so best order online and hope you make it…

norton boots



As the masters of merch, Milwaukee’s finest has a promotional catalogue (surely that’s ‘catalog’ – Ed) that urges you to ‘Own The Holidays… Harley Style’.

Harley hat

Uniquely, Harley has a full range of special of Christmas gifts for the dedicated HOGger including snow globes and baubles. Frankly we could do a whole feature dedicated to Harley’s festive range (maybe next year – Ed) but for now our pick of the bunch is this rather fetching plaid Santa hat (H-D branded, of course). Who wouldn’t look awesome with this on their bonce while the Queen says her bit, although at £37.78, it’s a fair step up from the usual Poundland fayre.


Moto Guzzi

There’s no such seasonal frivolities down at Mandello del Lario, just plenty of classic Italian style.

Guzzi mug

There’s lots of classy T-shirts and lovely canvas luggage but for a tidy little stocking filler this polished Inox steel mug caught the eye. Etched with the traditional Guzzi logo and featuring a carabiner handle (no doubt for attaching to your backpack while on a motorcycle tour) the Moto Guzzi marketing bods say that it’s ‘…an essential tool to bring with you during a trip on your Moto Guzzi’.



Yeah, socks again… But wait, these are not any socks but Yamaha’s official Christmas socks!


Yamaha has a great range of accessories, apparel and branded gifts, and they are getting into the festive swing of things with that classic ‘don’t know what to get’ gift. We could tell you all the technical specs, but all you need to know is that you put them on your feet to keep them warm in the winter months. Yup, really – they’re socks!

 yamaha socks

They come in a pair of two (one red and one blue), neatly presented in a gift box. They’ve got cute little motorbike designs knitted into them on them and the word Yamaha. Want more? Your local Yamaha dealer will also sell you a funky Santa style beanie for an additional tenner.



Nothing says ‘I love my Busa’ like a proper Suzuki Christmas jumper, and it costs just £21.

With a half zip, and mimicking the style of Scandinavian jumpers, the official Suzuki branded jumper is available on Suzuki’s website and through their eBay shop.

yamaha socks

There’s also a lovely range of Suzuki retro clothing too. If you’re quick, you should still be able to get one before the big man drops down the chimney.