Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 1st April 2015

Keep a clear head with our free visor cleaner3

Call 0800 131 3962 and quote ‘VISOR’ or get a quote online today, (but don’t forget you have to call us and quote ‘VISOR’ after your quote) to redeem.

There’s nothing quite like a bright, fresh spring day to make you want to hop on your bike and head out for a run into the countryside.

Just a shame that often, by the time you get there, your visor is so clogged up with flies, bugs and general road dirt that it can be hard to see what you came for in the first place!

Well worry no more – with a free visor cleaner kit from Carole Nash, you’re guaranteed a clear view of the road, every time.

That’s right, we’re giving away a free V2 visor cleaner kit with all new modern, classic or six wheel insurance quotes between 8am on 1 April and 29 April 2015.

You don’t even have to take out a policy – just call and quote ‘VISOR’ on 0800 131 3962 or get a quote online, (but don’t forget you have to call us and quote ‘VISOR’ after your quote) to redeem your free state-of-the-art visor cleaner kit.

Hang on a minute, we hear you say, how can a simple visor cleaner be ‘state-of-the-art’?

Here’s how: unlike a normal sponge or cleaning cloth, the V2’s unique structure means the fibres act like tiny razor blades, slicing through the grime on your visor and lifting it away.

What’s more, while the V2 is merciless when it comes to dirt, it won’t damage any visor with an anti-scratch treatment. So you can rub as hard as you like and it won’t leave a scratch.

Don’t forget, as well as the free visor cleaner for every new modern, classic or six wheel quote, if you actually take out a policy with us, you’ll benefit from features that we include as standard such as new Rider Coverwhich covers you for riding any bike (with the owner’s permission!) and a DNA+ forensic protection system2, which permanently tags individual parts of your bike.

So stay safe this spring with Carole Nash. Call us on 0800 131 3962 for a new modern, classic or six wheel quote (don’t forget to quote ‘VISOR’) to claim your free V2 visor cleaner kit.

1 Rider Cover: Both bikes must have comprehensive cover, terms and conditions apply –

2 DNA+ protection system, terms and conditions apply –

3 Terms and conditions apply –