Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 28th June 2017

Bike: Honda CRF100L Africa Twin DCT

Mileage so far: 977.3 km

The 5.2-miles of bridges that make up the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway are one of the most iconic road trips in the world, and yesterday, after a long morning in the seat of the fleet of Africa Twins, we rode the iconic bridges that make up the famous section of road.

adventure roads day 2

Packed full of caravans and other motorcyclists attempting the legendary route, nothing can prepare you for the spectacle of a convoy of 40 Africa Twins climbing over the steep, twisting Storeisundet Bridge as waves crash up from the wild sea, covering the convoy in sea spray as sea gulls glide overhead. We took time to ride it a few times for video and then sat back with a lunch out of the pannier, hastily grabbed from breakfast this morning, and that incredible vista.

Riding up the steepest part of the bridge with the DCT Africa Twin chugging away in fifth gear takes your breath away every time, and it was a shame to leave it behind. But that’s a road trip for you, and who knows where the Africa Twins are taking us next?

The bridges were a highlight of a 466.8km ride today that saw us edge closer to Nordkapp through rolling mountain valleys, three ferries and a fair bit of rain. And the more miles we pile on the Africa Twins for this Adventure Roads tour, the more the 40-strong team from around the globe are becoming one with them.

Unfortunately, a few bikes fell over on a slightly bumpy Fjord crossing on a ferry today, but none were seriously injured. Mine’s wasn’t one of them, thankfully as I’d be gutted. But, it’s a lesson to us to hang on to the bikes as we face more ferries in the coming days on our quest north.

Fosnavag to Trondheim

We’ve travelled almost 1000km already, but looking at the map makes me realises just how far away the Nordkapp really is. Tomorrow we ride from Trondheim some 436km north to Bronnoysund. Check back for more updates.