Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 23rd November 2019

If you wish to take your 125cc motorbike out onto the roads, you’ll need to have motorbike insurance in place, just like if you were riding any other type of motorcycle. So, how exactly does getting insurance for a 125cc motorbike work?

First, what is a 125cc motorbike?

The “cc” part of describing a motorcycle stands for cubic centimetres and directly relates to the size of its engine. The higher the cc, the more powerful the motorcycle is. A 125cc model is essentially a small motorcycle, moped or scooter. 

Generally speaking, a 125cc motorbike will be able to achieve up to 70 mph, with a cruising speed of between 50 to 60 mph. They are pretty economical, typically averaging 70 to 100 miles per gallon. For these reasons, they tend to be popular with beginners and more experienced riders alike. 

To ride one, you have to take your CBT test. This will allow you to ride a 125cc with learner plates displayed. Once you’ve taken your CBT, you can ride on your provisional licence indefinitely. 

However, you’ll need to retake it after 2 years if you decide not to take your full motorbike test. If you wish to ride motorbikes that are bigger than a 125cc, this will also require you to pass a full moped or motorcycle test.

Getting your 125cc motorbike insured

You may not require a full licence to ride a 125cc but you do need to have motorbike insurance in place to get out onto the roads. If you haven’t passed your full bike licence, you may find that insurance premiums are higher for you, when searching for quotes. 

Generally speaking though, a 125cc can be cheaper to insure, due to the small size of the engine. If you do pass your full test, let your insurer know as this could affect your premiums. 

What cover can you get?

Getting cover for your 125cc motorbike works the same way as getting insurance for any other type of motorcycle. There are three levels of motorbike insurance to choose from; third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

  • Third party is the most basic level of insurance required by law. It will only cover damage or injury to third parties in the event of an accident. 
  • Third-party, fire and theft covers damage or injury to third parties as well, but also covers you against theft and fire damage.
  • Fully comprehensive covers all of the above, but also covers you and your motorbike against damage and injury too. It includes cover for vandalism and accidental damage, plus medical expenses are also covered.

There are ways that you can potentially minimise the cost of insuring your 125cc motorbike. For example, taking your full motorbike licence, having extra security measures like a tracker or a ground anchor, as well as keeping your motorbike in a secure place that’s better protected from theft. 

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