Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 9th December 2019

Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon for motorbike enthusiasts to own more than one motorbike. If you’re one of the lucky ones, getting insurance cover for your pride & joys doesn’t have to mean filling out multiple forms and keeping a shedload paperwork. With a multi-bike insurance policy, you can have all your bikes under one policy. Meaning one premium and one series of paperwork.

What does a multi bike insurance policy cover you for?

Most multi motorbike insurance policies offer cover for up to four bikes under one premium. And you can even insure a greater number of bikes if that’s what you’re after.

Similar to a single motorbike insurance premium, you can get third party, third party fire & theft and comprehensive cover. You can also be covered for the bikes being stored in your garage and any add ons, including breakdown and personal injury.

The advantages of multi bike insurance

The main benefit of having multiple bikes insured under one policy is the straight forward nature of the premium. There’s no need to worry about having multiple dates for renewal, no need to keep stacks of paperwork from different providers and if you need to change or add anything, it’s easily done via one call or email.

It can also work out cheaper – compared to purchasing multiple policies.

The disadvantages of multi bike insurance 

Typically you cannot have Multi-bike, multi rider policies so if there is someone else you want on the cover then chances are that a Multi-bike police would not be available in this instance.

How is the cost of the policy calculated?

Similar to a normal policy, there’s a number of different elements considered to calculate the price of a multi bike insurance policy. These include the standard bike information and riding history information.

Insurers rank different motorbikes based on their specifications. These are grouped from 3-17 (although not with every insurer) and the higher the category the higher the premium. In most cases, the faster, more modern, more expensive bike will have a higher group number. 

Insurance providers will usually base the cost of the insurance premium on the most expensive bike, with any additional bikes being added at an extra cost. If you’re interested in learning more about a multi bike insurance policy or even getting a quote for your bikes – fill out our online form or call us on 0333 005 3355.