Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 25th September 2014

A conversion kit will be available next year for transforming a Harley-Davidson V-Rod into a three wheeler.

The V-Rod Reverse Trike Kit from Scorpion Trikes allows owners to adapt their current motorcycle into a reverse trike without having to modify the structural integrity of the frame.

Responding to increasing interest in reverse trikes, the maker wanted to develop a design that could be easily added to an existing motorcycle.

This is the Wisconsin-based company’s first production model and is designed specifically for the Harley-Davidson V-Rod. Its next model is expected to be for Harley-Davidson touring bikes (FL frame). And after that? “It really depends on the demand for other models,” Scorpion Trikes says.

While the company believes that anyone would enjoy riding its reverse trike, part of the appeal of converting your motorcycle to a trike is that it adds stability and can help people carry on riding when they might otherwise have to hang up their leathers.

Kits are expected to cost around $5,000 (approximately £3,000), in addition to which a few parts will need to be purchased direct from a local Harley-Davidson dealership.

According to Scorpion Trikes, the kit can be installed in an afternoon and no frame modifications are required. In addition to the basic conversion kit, options for accessories, covers/body work and lighting kits are also being designed.

It’s not yet known whether the conversions will have to be installed by dealers or whether they could be shipped direct to customers for self-installation.

The company expects to start shipping in early spring 2015.

Image: Gizmodo