Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 28th November 2018

Such is the level of secrecy surrounding factory MotoGP bikes, and the fact that the manufacturers don’t want their tech secrets to escape the factory walls, most MotoGP race bikes end up under the factory’s control in a museum or leased out to customer race teams, if indeed they are not crushed.

But not KTM. Just in time for Christmas, the Austrian mavericks are making two examples of their RC16 racer available for sale to members of the public, just a few weeks after Spanish rider Pol Espargaro gave the company its first MotoGP podium.

As if the opportunity to have a near 300bhp rocketship isn’t enough, KTM are throwing in a set of Espargaro’s riding gear (leathers, helmet, gloves and boots) and a full VIP weekend with the team at a 2019 Grand Prix, if you needed any more incentive to purchase.

It’s not every day you get the chance to get your hands on a bona fide MotoGP machine, but here is one small (or should that be big) problem, though. KTM have put a price tag of 250,000 Euros on the RC16, and don’t even ask about a warranty, MoT or insuring it…

But if your numbers come up tonight and you fancy a rare orange bike for your next track day, drop KTM an email at and let them know you’re interested.