Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 15th March 2010

luca bar vt750 honda scramblerItalian designer Luca Bar has given the Honda VT750 custom bike a makeover and transformed it into a cool, urban street scrambler, reports Alastair Walker.

Bar has done a variety of studies for Guzzi and Ducati machines, but the Honda was something new and different;

“When I saw the first picture of the new Shadow RS I thought that it would have been a good base for something classic, not only a 883-copy cruiser. Usually Honda makes great bikes, well engineered, high quality but in some cases a bit conservative in their styling. I tried to do something more sporty but at the end the best “fit” for it has been a scrambler. I didn’t want to change too much, only tyres, seat and the back mudguard.”

Honda made a range of street scrambler bikes back in the late 60s for the US market, with perhaps the CL450 being the best example. The road-based, flat-tracker style of machine has made a bit of a comeback in recent years with the Triumph Bonneville Scrambler and Harley XR1200 being the two most popular models.

The clever thing about Luca Bar’s design is that it retains the basic engine/chassis platform of the existing cruiser model, but transforms the look and the feel of the bike with relatively few changes. This not only makes it a good looking motorcycle, but fairly cheap to produce from the manufacturer’s point of view.

Luca Bar is considering working on a Triumph design next; “I think perhaps I could give the Rocket III a little makeover, there are many new models that Triumph could produce from their existing engines also.”

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