Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 17th November 2017

Motorcycle Live 2017 is set to be one of the biggest events of the year, with it attracting the greatest motorcycle manufacturers from all over the world. There’s various exhibitions to look forward to and one of the most exciting is FMX Live, which features incredible motocross stunts. The free performance will showcase high-flying, aerial stunts, such as Cliffhangers and Hart Attacks. To celebrate the event, we’re listing some of the most death-defying motocross tricks.



One of the most exciting tricks, the cliffhanger involves a rider catching the underside of the handlebars with their feet. At the same time, they raise their hands above their head and try to lift their body as far off the vehicle as possible.



To perform a whip, the rider whips their bike sideways in the air so it forms a 90 degree angle to their body. The bike has been straightened by the time the rider has landed. A variation called the whip flip exists, where the rider whips the bike BMX-style and performs a backflip.


Hart Attack

Named after former motocross competitor, Carey Hart, the Hart Attack involves performing a handstand on the motorbike. It requires a lot of strength and coordination, making it one of the most extraordinary tricks.


Cordova Flip

To perform a cordova flip, the rider needs to be very flexible. It involves pressing the knees up into the chest and contorting the back so the rider is looking upside down. All of this is done while performing a backflip.



The Switchblade is performed by the rider rotating their body and kicking their legs out. When the legs are fully extended, they resemble a switchblade knife opening up.



In mid-air, the rider swings both legs to the side so it looks as if they are ‘walking’ next to their bike. They also take their hands off the bars and jump back onto the bike before it lands. The name of the trick is a homage to the cartoon character Fred Flintstone.


Heelclicker flip

The heelclicker flip involves the rider raising their feet above the handlebars and transitioning into a flip that sees them ‘click’ their heels together above the front fender. The move is certainly one of the most exciting moves because it requires a lot of body movement in a short amount of time.


Dead Body

The Dead Body manoeuvre is impressive because it requires the rider to balance on top of the handlebars with their body extended. When the rider has placed their legs over the handlebars, they straighten completely.