Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 6th May 2010

Insidebikes has been browsing the best of the biking web, picking out some of the best motorcycle blogs that we have come across in the past few months.

We all know that motorcycles provide a sense of freedom and adventure that few other forms of transport can provide, a fact which has clearly been the inspiration for many of the blogs featured in this list as well as the thousands which we couldn’t list. Other motorcycle blogs prefer to take a somewhat alternative slant on the industry whilst others look to bring together people with a particular interest and bring them together to share thoughts and ideas.

Here, we’re taking the opportunity to share, in no particular order, the top 20 motorcycle blogs than have caught our eye.

Helmet Hair

A blog by Copenhagen blogger Jesper Bram, Helmet Hair started out as just one bike enthusiasts personal riding journal. Since then however, it has become a huge motorcycle blog. Jesper changed his writing language from Danish to English and began posing as a potential buyer in dealerships to review as many new models as he could get his hands on. Today, it’s a blog packed with reviews, opinions and tales of his own rides.

Bikes in the Fast Lane

Written by Mike Werner and a team of anonymous freelance motorcycle journalists, Bikes in the Fast Lane is packed with views, product reviews, top lists and updates from the more quirky side of biking.

Forty Years on Two Wheels

When we first saw the title of this blog, the typical misconceptions about mid-life crisis’ soon came to mind. How wrong we were. Instead, this blog by Doug Klassen from Arizona talks of the sights and sounds taken in by a genuine motorcycle enthusiast, with some outstanding photos to tell the tale.

USA Tour on a Harley Davidson

Gary France from North London is planning a five month tour of the USA on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, taking in some 15,000 miles. This blog follows his preparations, with some interesting insights, and will be his diary whilst he is over in the US.

Ouch! My Piles!

This blog follows the trials and tribulations of a bunch of newbie bikers, from the mid-life crisis wannabes to the young upstarts.

Atlas Rider

Another blog which seemed to start out as a personal diary of one biker’s adventures (and to some extent, still is), but has become packed with great little pieces of advice, information and opinion.

Fuzzie Galore

Fuzzie Galore is the blog of a female biker from New York. It’s jam packed with some very good photos and views from her 15 or more years of experience in biking, which has taken in bike rides from around the world.

No Foreign Lands

No Foreign Lands is another personal blog, this time from the point of view of a keen adventure tourer. Some more excellent photos here, particularly if you’re a KTM fan.

Knuckle Buster

Knuckle Buster provides some great “blasts from the pasts” with its take on the American custom motorcycle scene. Much more than just a personal blog, this site is packed with how-to guides, photos and videos.

Saul T Nutz

The Bonneville Salt Flats is the home of speed as far as many American’s are concerned, with countless land speed records set on the world famous flats. Salt T Nutz is the blog of four men who have very much got the “salt fever”.

Twisting Asphalt

This sportbike Blog by motoring movie director, Dylan Weiss, covers almost anything that has anything to do with two wheels. A massively comprehensive biking blog with some great views, photos and features.


If you are interested in custom, concept or just unusual bikes, this blog has just what you are looking for. Featuring photos and reviews from some genuinely classic customs right through to the latest concept motorcycles.

The Kneeslider

This is one of those blogs where you instantly look at the front page and think “the person writing this knows what they are talking about.” There is a genuine passion and knowledge for classic motorcycles in particular which oozes through this blog.

The Scooter Scoop

Let’s look away from the bikes for a minute and focus on the scooters and, in particular, The Scooter Scoop. From accessories, reviews, news and a bit of quirkiness, this blog also takes an in depth look at various forms of alternative energy transport.

Honda Motorcycles Blog

The writer behind this blog, Cristian Dorobantescu from Romania, clearly thinks big about Honda. Wherever there is a show, ride out or event that might include a Honda, this guy and his camera seem to be there. It seems to have paid off for him, with pictures of some beautiful scenery, outstanding bikes and great events. Oh, and there’s the odd babe picture thrown in for good measure!

Swag’s Rant

Another personal riding journal that has developed a strong following, mainly due to the writer’s no-nonsense style and some outstanding scenery photography.

Motorcycle Training Blog

This blog seems to pass the “Ronseal” test pretty easily. As the title suggests, it’s a blog aimed at people looking to get into biking and get started with their training. With guides, videos and useful features, it’s a handy site to have bookmarked if you’ve got your test coming up shortly.

Cyril Huze

Another American custom blog, serving up plenty of great pictures as well as the latest news from the customs scene from across the Atlantic.

Faster & Faster

If you’re interested in fast bikes and custom machines, Faster & Faster caters for you perfectly. Featuring news and updates from around the biking world, this would make a good addition to your internet bookmarks.

Chessie’s Tales, Motorcycles and Rides


Whilst the site design might not be up there with some of the other blogs that we’ve listed, there’s no substitute for substance. This has become an excellent photo journal, with some absolutely outstanding scenery.