Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 14th November 2018

Dream bikes come in all shapes and sizes. For many, the opportunity to rekindle a relationship with one’s first love can prove too tempting. This goes some way to explain why prices for Seventies ‘peds fetch such eye watering prices.

Chopper bikes were all the rage in the 70s and shed built chops were massively inspired by the smash hit Easy Rider film. Even pedal bikes cashed in on this craze and those of a certain age would have all owned a Raleigh Chopper back in the day. The Fantic Chopper was perfectly placed to cash in on the vibe and, if you were 16, this funky moped could have been your dream bike.

Pushing the boundaries on Fantic Chopper prices is this stonking 1976 example. Priced at £11,989 she isn’t cheap, but she is rather stunning, if you like this kind of thing. This Sixteener special is so much more than a moped. The styling is outrageous, even more so 40 years later. Everything from its custom stance to way out paintwork, it’s one of those bikes that’s so bad, it’s actually good. There’s no getting away from that lumpy price tag but if you’ve always lusted after a Fantic Chopper, what price can you put on love?

What to look for when buying a 1970s moped?

  • There are two schools of thought when it comes to mopeds. For some it’s the bog standard bike that tugs the heart strings the most, yet for others it’s tuned ‘peds with lots of go faster parts that gets the juices going. Stick to what your heart desires.
  • Look beyond the paint and chrome. Check that the correct parts are present for the particular model that you’re looking at. Do your homework and refresh your memory on what’s correct.
  • Restoring a small cc bike will still cost big bucks, especially if you buy an incomplete project bike for starters. The hard to find parts are usually the very items that aren’t there!

Does this Fantic sound like your dream bike? Check out the advert for this example on eBay: