Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 28th October 2014

Electric motorcycles manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has set out to prove that its eco-friendly machines are not just for recreational use.

Unveiling its 2015 line of motorcycles targeted at police, authority and military customers, the company said that the machines offer tactical advantages over traditional internal combustion alternatives.

Zero’s patrol motorcycles are based on the Zero S, Zero DS and Zero FX consumer models and are customised to meet the demands of law enforcement, security agencies and all types of first responders. A separate model, the Zero MMX, is designed specifically for military applications.

The motorcycles have a top speed of 98mph and a range of up to 178 miles on a single charge. According to the manufacturer, the 100% electric powertrain is nearly silent, exhaust free, has instant torque from zero rpm and is highly manoeuvrable.

The military motorcycle is claimed to offer personnel “the ability to rapidly move over technical terrain while making virtually no noise and emitting no smell.” As well as being a covert form of two-wheeled transportation, the motorcycle is easy to transport and maintain, Zero said.

Special features include off-road tyres and the ability to operate in wet or rainy conditions, with a one-metre submersion capability.

Across the 2015 line, Zero has made various refinements and technological advancements to provide greater control, comfort and operating range. Switchable advanced Bosch ABS comes as standard and all models are equipped with fully adjustable Showa front and rear suspension for smooth action under all conditions.

“Over 30 law enforcement agencies from around the world are using Zero Motorcycles within their daily patrols,” commented John Lloyd, vice president of global sales at Zero Motorcycles. “Low maintenance and operating costs save time and money, and the 100% electric platform provides a significant tactical advantage.”

Image: Tomatito /