The majority of riders will experience their motorbike breaking down at least once. It can be one of the most annoying situations a motorcyclist has to go through. We understand what a nightmare it can be, which is why we offer full package UK and EU breakdown cover, including homestart worth over £100 when compared to other providers.  We’ve put together a guide on what to do in case your motorbike does breakdown.


What should I consider before I take my motorbike on the road?
  • Before going for a ride, it’s worth checking if you have the correct insurance cover. Our motorbike insurance policies include accident and breakdown cover. Remember to always carry contact information of your breakdown provider no matter how long or short the journey.
  • Make sure your phone has sufficient battery power while you’re on the road. It could be worth investing in an adaptable phone charger. Also, it’s worth carrying some spare change in case your mobile doesn’t have any signal and you need to use a payphone.
  • Think about the weather conditions. For example, if rain has been forecast then pack some waterproofs. If you’re travelling at night then it’s a good idea to bring reflective gear.
  • Bring a physical map in case you need to read directions.

How you deal with motorbike breakdown will depend on the environment.


What should I do if I breakdown on a road?
  • Get off your motorbike as soon as possible. If you’re obstructing other road users then switch your hazard lights on. If you’re riding at night then keep the sidelights on.
  • After you’ve stopped, use your mobile or the nearest phone to call for help.


What should I do if I breakdown on the motorway?

Breaking down on the motorway can be a stressful experience, though it’s important to remain calm and do the following:

  • Pull over onto the hard shoulder as soon as possible.
  • Get off the left side of your motorbike and if you’re travelling with a pillion then make sure they do the same.
  • Keep far away from the motorway and hard shoulder.
  • When you’re in a safe place, use your mobile to call your breakdown service. Alternatively, walk to an emergency phone as there’s usually one per mile on the motorway. In either situation, always face the oncoming traffic.
  • Provide your full details and location to your breakdown provider in a safe place.
  • Once you’ve made a call, return and wait near the motorbike.