Why choose our Off Road bike insurance

For some motorcyclists, the open road isn’t enough to satisfy their thirst for adventure. They need an extra bit of adrenaline, which is where an off-road motorbike comes in.

With decades of experience in the motorbike insurance broker industry, we’ll make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge on how best to protect your motorbike. Off-road motorbike insurance covers all kinds of dirt, enduro and motocross motorbikes.


How can off-road motorbike insurance benefit you?

Off-road insurance is different to other policies, due to the kind of motorbikes that it covers.

This includes dirt, motocross and trial bikes that are specially built to deal with off-road conditions.

Our off-road insurance policy covers you against theft and fire damage, at home, in transit and at an approved organised events or practice ground^†.

We also offer up to £250 for the cost of repair or replacement tools, ensuring you’re fully compensated in the event of a claim on your policy for Fire or Theft

If you’d like to know more about off-road motorbike insurance then our staff are happy to answer any questions.


How do I get a quote?

We want to make getting a policy with us as simple as possible. You can either sign up for a free, no-obligation quote with our online form or contact us on 0333 005 3355.  

We cover other forms of off-road transport, like quad bikes. For more information, check out our quad bike insurance policy.

Off Road Bike Insurance Benefits

Our fire and theft policies arranged through Carole Nash come with a range of benefits as
standard, including:

  • FREE DNA+ Forensic Protection, which marks your bike and its parts with a unique synthetic
    tag that’s practically impossible to remove
  • Cover at home, in transit and at an approved organised event or practice ground^†
  • Up to £250 for the cost of repair or replacement tools
  • A range of payment options for ease and convenience

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