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The world’s fastest motorcycle?

This new helicopter turbine engined motorcycle claims to be even more powerful and even faster than the 227mph, 320bhp bike it’s based on.


Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) in the USA already hold the world record for world’s fastest helicopter turbine motorcycle but are now working on an even fast, more powerful version.


Older Y2K09 bike


Currently in the build stage, the new MTT 420 RR Turbine Superbike makes a claimed 420bhp from its Bell Helicopter turbine engine.


Combine that with a colossal 600ft-lb of torque at 6000rpm and the USA-based manufacturers claim they don’t even know yet just how fast this new bike will go. But add more power and it has to be faster, right?




The new 420 RR makes a whopping 100hp more than the older Y2K bike, one of which is famously owned by American TV superstar Jay Leno who regularly rides it on the road.


The new MTT 420 RR features a new aluminium beam frame chassis that includes transmission fluid and turbine fluid in the frame. As well as an 8.5-gallon (US) tank in the conventional place, it also features two gallons of fuel in the frame.


New 420RR stripped down


A wider BST carbon-fibre wheel runs a 240-section rear tyre, in place of the older 190-section rear, for extra grip. To aid high speed stability, there’s a new swingarm some three inches longer.


Rather than using the helicopter engine’s thrust to power the bike, a complicated gearbox arrangement converts the thrust in to geared power. First gear is good for 100mph, and second gear? Nobody knows. Yet. But we can’t wait for them to find out.

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