No Claims Bonus

What is a No Claims Bonus?

A no claims bonus (NCB) is a discount that can be applied if a person has had motorcycle insurance policy and not made a fault claim for 12 months or more. The discount can continue to grow each year until a fault claim is made, providing the insurance remains in force, until a maximum discount is reached.

How long is my NCB valid for?

A no claims bonus is valid for two years after the expiry of your insurance policy. Providing you insure your bike within this time frame you can use your no claims bonus to get a discount on your policy. After the two year period is up, you’ll normally have to start again from zero NCB.

How do I get my proof of NCB?

If you’d like us to send you proof of your no claims bonus then please see our form. You’ll need to provide a broker reference as well as your full address. Your NCB will then be sent to you.

Please note that we’re unable to issue proof of your NCB until your policy has expired.

I’m a named rider on another bike policy, do I earn no claims?

Named riders on Carole Nash bike polices don’t accrue their own no claim bonus. However, depending on the length and variety of your riding experience we may be able to reduce your quote by referring to our panel of insurers. If this applies to you then call us on 08002985500 and we’ll see what we can do.

What do I need for proof of no claims?

If you’re a new customer to Carole Nash and have declared that you have a no claims bonus, you’ll need to provide us with proof. You should submit the following information, which can usually be found on your renewal notice:

  • Previous insurer
  • Policy number
  • Number of bonus years
  • Expiry date of the policy

Please email your proof to

Alternatively, the proof can be posted to our offices:

Carole Nash Insurance Consultants Ltd
Trafalgar House
110 Manchester Road
WA14 1NU