At only £36.99 a year, Excess Protection covers your excess up to £500

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Excess Protection

Protect yourself against the cost of making an insurance claim with excess cover through Carole Nash – at just £36.99 a year, it covers your excess up to £500.


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If your motorbike is stolen or damaged, or you’re involved in an accident, you’ll need to pay a contribution towards any insurance claim you make where you are at fault – this contribution is known as an excess.

If the value of the damage that has been done to your motorbike is higher than your excess, you’ll probably decide to make a claim on your insurance.

Aside from being a legal requirement, motorbike insurance also provides great peace of mind – knowing your bike is covered financially should you suffer an accident, damage or theft is a great thing. However, if you do need to make a claim then having a large excess to pay can still put a strain on your finances – and that’s where excess protection comes in.

If you choose motorbike excess protection insurance through Carole Nash, the cost of your excess will be covered, up to £500.

If you’re required to pay an excess following the successful settlement of any physical damage claim for your vehicle, motorbike excess protection through Carole Nash will reimburse you up to £500.

With our excess protection insurance, you can reclaim your excess payment – or payments – of up to £500 during the duration of your main policy in the event of a claim which is your fault, simply by putting in a separate claim for your excess.

  • Only £36.99 a year
  • Covers your excess up to £500 on your main policy

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