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Car Insurance

We believe being a motorcyclist can make you a better driver, because riders have been shown to be some of the most knowledgeable people on the road. The case has been made that they’re safer than motorists because of their greater awareness of their surroundings and the potential hazards. We feel that should be rewarded with a car insurance policy that works for you.

Why car insurance for bikers? Well, even if your true passion lies on two wheels, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to get around on four every now and then. You can’t fit a weekly shop or three kids on the back of a bike, no matter how tempted you might be to try.

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t own a bike at the moment. As long as your motorbike licence is valid, you can benefit from car insurance through Carole Nash, so why not give us a call or get an online quote today?


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Our Six Wheel® insurance covers both your bike(s) and a car and could save you the hassle of taking out separate policies.

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Not many travel insurance policies are put together with motorbikes or their riders in mind – that’s why we offer travel insurance for bikers through Carole Nash.
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