Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 22nd November 2018

The 10 cars most at risk of being stolen within the UK

Research by RAC Insurance shows that the number of vehicles stolen in the UK has risen by 30% in the past three years.

And now, car security firm Tracker has compiled a list of the ten most commonly stolen car types in the UK. Is yours on the list?

Tips for keeping your car safe

Visible security

If a car thief can see that measures are in place to protect a car, they are less likely to attempt to take it. They’ll move on to a much easier job! Visible security can include alarm stickers and wheel locks.

Think about your parking

If you have a drive, always park on it as it means if a thief wants to steal your car, they have to come closer to your home, which many are reluctant to do. When parking on a drive, always drive in rather than reverse in to make it more difficult for thieves to get away. If you have to park on the street, turn the wheels into the kerb. It might seem like a small thing but thieves prefer the easiest and smoothest getaway.

Keep your keys in a safe place

You might think if your keys are in your house, they’re safe. But that’s not strictly true. Car thieves have been known to fish through people’s letterboxes to hook out their keys. Keep your car keys in a drawer, out of sight and upstairs if possible.

Cover the basics

It sounds silly but when we’re rushing, we forget even the most basic, simple things. Things like making sure all the windows are closed (including the sunroof), the car is actually locked and all valuables are hidden. Get the basics covered and you’ll make your car safer.

10 Audi RS 4


9 Volkswagen Golf


8 BMW M3

Bmw M3

7 Range Rover


6 Land Rover Discovery

Landrover Discovery

5 BMW 3 Series

Bmw 3 series

4 Mercedes E-Class

Merc e class

3 Range Rover Sport

2 BMW X5

1 Mercedes C-Class

mercedes c class