Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th June 2018

After a car manufacturer goes out of business, the motors they’ve created live on. The same can be said for spare parts, and there are a number of independent specialists who cater to people who own defunct cars. This includes brands like Lancia, Saab and MG Rover. Here are five UK companies that specialise in bringing defunct motors back to life.

Omicron Engineering

Located in Norfolk, Omicron Engineering focus on the revitalisation of Lancia cars. During the 1970s Lancia sold more cars in Britain than BMW, though parent company Fiat put a stop to UK sales in the ‘90s.

The company was started by a former Lotus engineer called Martin Cliffe. Omicron took its moniker from a Lancia model of the same name, produced between 1927 and 1936. Omicron Engineering offers a comprehensive service and you can check out the website for more information.

X Works Service

X Works Service is a TVR specialist that can be found in Lancashire. The company was founded by former TVR employees Heath Briggs and Paul Forest, with the organisation expanding over time. Early projects involved assembling the last new TVR Sagaris.

Today, business is excellent, thanks to the regeneration of the brand and new ownership. X Works covers all elements of the restoration process, from MOT checking to speed 6 engine tuning.

Weald Automotive

Set up by technician Darren Worsley, Weald Automotive is a Saab restoration specialist. Worsley was a former Saab dealer and he set the company up with ex-Saab mechanic Neil Webb in Kent. Talking to Auto Express, Worsley explained his business “I’ve worked on Saabs since 1988…fifty percent of the cars are in the UK, the rest are in Sweden.”

Weald Automotive carries out a variety of tasks, such as diagnostic and engine repairs. You can find out more information on the website.


Based in Norfolk, CJS is a Chrysler-Jeep restoration specialist. The owner, Julian Osburne, has been fixing Chrysler cars for 20 years. Parts supply is steady, though Osburne has needed to look to independent American suppliers as well.

Buckingham & Stanley

Buckingham & Stanley is a Chevrolet specialist that started out as a Saab dealer. Although the brand disappeared from the UK in 2015, the company offers a repair service for the models that are still on the road. The company also restores Saabs, MGs and Subarus, showcasing a diverse portfolio.  

Found in Cambridgeshire, Buckingham & Stanley have fifty years of experience in the car industry.  For more information be sure to look at the website.

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